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Running for:

US House NH District 1

Position on Issues

WMUR, 2021

"The [2020] election was truly a free-for-all, and we can’t have that happen again. We have to be so diligent about the next election and making sure that we have voter ID, that there’s transparency, that people show up in person in order to cast their ballot."

WMUR, 2021

"On the choice issue, she said, 'I totally support the law here in New Hampshire,' and, she said, she believes in states’ rights.

"'I believe any state has the right to pass any law they want,' Huff Brown said, referring to the Texas six-weeks abortion ban being challenged by the U.S. Justice Department. 'Here in New Hampshire, I think we have the right guidelines and the right laws.'

"She said she opposes partial birth abortions and federal funding for abortions."

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