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James "Jim" Belanger Experience:

Representative, NH House of Representatives (2010 - 2019); Veteran, U.S. Navy (1960 - 1968)

Home Address:

32 Plain Road
Hollis, NH 03049
United States

Marital Status:
Number of Children:
In Their Own Words:

I have served my community well over the past 40 plus years and I believe I have the local experience to represent your interests in Concord. I have felt the frustration of wondering if those in Concord have lived in our shoes and know our pain. I won't make empty promises here about reducing taxes, limiting spending and making life easier on everyone. I am one of over 400 representatives (400 Reps and 24 Senators) and will apply my best to each vote that comes up before the House. I won't win every battle but I'll be in there for the fight. Not all my votes will please you but I always stand ready to justify why I voted the way I did. Sometimes a compromise is better than a defeat. I won't complain about an issue unless I have a suggested solution to it and expect no less from you. I will be here to listen to your concerns and attempt to address each one. I will examine every bill that comes before the House in the legislative session and evaluate its effect on my you, my neighbors. And, if someone asks me to sponsor a bill that is not in the best interests of our communities, I will not placate them by a false show of support but will tell them how I see it and why. I will not, however, refuse to introduce a bill that you (my constituent) insists I sponsor. That is my job as your representative! I don't have a pre-set agenda and won't be introducing bills just for the publicity. In an off year, there are about 600 bills introduced and in the election year, about 900. Perhaps many of those extra 300 are from new legislators serving their first term. I've always felt, if you moved to one of our towns because you liked it, don't come in and try to change it. If I can't make it better, I'd rather leave it alone. Click here to see the candidate's Twitter feed.

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