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Awaiting response to our 2022 Executive Council Candidate Survey

Position on Issues

Candidate's Website, 2020

"I support our constitutional right to bear arms and as your next Councilor I'll be an advocate for the 2nd amendment. That means I'll support pro 2A judges who will stand by New Hampshire's 'Stand Your Ground' law, who will deem 'Red Flag' bills as unconstitutional attempts to impede on your rights, and who will stand with our Constitution."

Citizens Count Issue Survey, 2022

Should NH add a broad-based sales tax?

Citizens Count Issue Survey, 2022

Do you support the state’s current system of public school funding, with each district’s total funding primarily dependent on local property tax revenue?

Voting Record, 2022

While serving on the Executive Council in 2021 and 2022, Stevens voted multiple times against state contracts with Planned Parenthood.

Voting Record, 2021

Executive Councilor Stevens voted against accepting federal funding related to COVID-19 vaccinations in October 2021. In November 2021 she voted to accept the funds alongside a resolution expressing an opinion against vaccine mandates.

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