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30 years active duty U.S. Air Force, President KdB Training, Inc., Volunteer spokesperson Americans For Fair Taxation (AFFT)

Married; Children: 0
MBA, National University,
BS Corrections and Law Enforcement, East Carolina University,
Home Address
35 E. Horizon Ridge 110-157
Henderson, NV 89002


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Kerry Bowers
- Henderson

Mon, 02/23/2015 - 10:44am

Henderson, NV, 22 February, 2015 – Presidential candidate Kerry Bowers, a new face in the Republican lineup and one with a campaign objective to “Set the Standard for 2016 Presidential Candidates,” added a new measure to that standard with the release of his strategy to engage ideologically-driven threats, one he says will be employed when a declaration of war is not the more appropriate response.   

In a video and script posted to the candidate’s website at, Bowers, a 30-year Air Force combat veteran, introduced his strategy by first rebranding the threat, stating, “the words terror and terrorist, and in whatever language they are translated, are labels that have become romanticized by renegade bands of thugs and their patsies who find a macabre delight in terrorizing the world with their heinous crimes.” He goes on to say the terms ‘terror’ and ‘terrorist’ are inappropriate because they are “descriptive of the consequences of the actors and their actions and both subject to broad interpretation.” He also identifies the terms ‘extremist’ and ‘radical’ as inappropriate because “they fail to identify the specific action of the actors and are likewise subject to broad interpretation.” Choosing to focus on a labeling that would be consistent with the actors and their actions, “one with legal standing,” and “suitable under all similar circumstances,” the candidate stated he will address “renegades who choose to impart their will, and in any form contrary to the laws of this nation or that of our allies … as criminals and their acts as crimes.”

The candidate continued with the rebranding by declaring “we will not accommodate any criminal entity void of recognized sovereignty by addressing them as they desire, but by that which the United States or our allies shall so designate them.” Bowers stated that his preferred labelling is one that begins with a two-letter identifier ‘CE,’ meaning criminal element, followed by two-letters signifying the threat’s national origin, such as ‘SY’ for Syria.  He said that additional suffixes would be added as necessary to meet “offensive and counter-offensive requirements” and offered “CESY01” as an example of one possibility of a complete label.         

Focusing specifically on the development of a strategy to address criminal sects, Bowers believes that those who engage in criminal behavior in compliance with a tyrannical ideology will not be completely eradicated, but the breadth and depth of the threat can be divided, leading then to his strategy titled ‘DIVIDE, ’ an acronym for Detect, Identify, Verify, Isolate, Deter and Exit.

Bowers describes the ‘detection’ phase as the utilization of all “human and technological means” constitutionally available to the U.S., as well as that shared by the nation‘s allies, to detect a potential threat. The identification phase, he said, will bring to bear the intelligence and surveillance measures necessary to confirm a threat exists. Verification will put together a complete picture of the threat, one inclusive of any “command and control, logistical or financial support” which are all critical to determining the isolation and deterrence measures to follow. Isolation can range from that of a single individual to a sovereign nation and to which achievement of the assigned parameters signals the start of the deterrence phase. The proposed deterrence measures include both lethal and non-lethal measures as applied through disruptive, demoralizing or destructive means. He pointed out that non-lethal measures may range from the arrest, conviction and incarceration of an individual to the application of crippling sanctions imposed upon a sovereign nation and any other nation to which the same may receive support.  The exit phase signals the end of the one application of the strategy after having achieved the desired threat reduction objective. Noting that in the absence of a declaration of war, Bowers does  not believe there is a moral obligation to remain in the subject nation to restore a “government and domestic tranquility” through a policing action once the threat is eliminated, but depart and offer support from beyond the national borders.       

Bowers went on to say that the U.S. will not negotiate with criminals and that captives will be promptly adjudicated and punished or released as directed by a court; one with appropriate jurisdiction in the U.S., in the jurisdiction of the subject foreign nation, or through an international tribunal established specifically to handle such cases. He noted that the fear of criminal recidivism, which is rampant in the U.S., is insufficient reason to hold a person indefinitely and doing so is contrary to the ideals of the American justice system.

Bowers closed his presentation with advice to those who would choose evil over good and the response they can expect for doing so, both from those they unwisely serve and those whom they oppose. He lastly pointed out the number one priority of the federal government is to “protect, preserve and defend this great union and the people who are counted among its citizens,” a priority to which he said he would pledge his life as the nation’s “executive servant,” the same as he did over his military career.                                                    

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Kerry Bowers
- Henderson

Mon, 05/18/2015 - 11:07am

To The Editor:

How many times have you read or heard reported from various news sources, “Senator Cruz, first Republican to enter the 2016 presidential race” or “Senator Paul becomes second Republican candidate” or, perhaps, “Secretary Clinton, first Democrat presidential candidate?” In each case, they are fallacious stories created and reported with a disregard to the facts which are readily available from the Federal Election Commission. The truth is, Senators Cruz and Paul were, respectively, numbers 55 and 58 in the Republican lineup of registered candidates, while Secretary Clinton was number 34 among the Democrat candidates.

When the media makes such false statements it inflicts serious political and financial injury on the excluded candidates. Such omission results in campaign resources being continually expended to regain ground lost in consequence to flagrant distortions of fact and precipitates further omissions such as invitations to major political events due to the lack of public visibility. Injury too, and with equal concern, is imparted upon the people who are denied a balance of information about all the candidates and the ideas they offer; ideas that may better resolve our nation’s ills than those offered, or not, by the few the media choose to promote.

While I seek regulatory relief through the FEC and Federal Communications Commission, I encourage the people to demand relief of the injustice imposed upon them by communicating their displeasure to their favored news sources who may be guilty of these charges. If we do not resolve this discriminatory obstruction to our political process, then the media will have achieved their goal of electorate conditioning and the people will elect primary candidates and a president, not of their choosing, but of the media’s.

Kerry D. Bowers
2016 Republican Candidate
President of the United States
FEC Reg No. P60005279
Henderson NV

Kerry Bowers
- Henderson

Wed, 04/08/2015 - 10:48am


CONTACT: Kerry Bowers for President Committee
35 E. Horizon Ridge Pkwy 110-157
Henderson NV 89002



Kerry Bowers Says Senator Opening New Doors to Cronyism

Henderson, NV, 7 April 2015 – The Kerry Bowers for President Committee released the following remarks from the Committee’s candidate in response to Senator Rand Paul’s presidential candidacy announcement.

“Today, I welcome Senator Rand Paul as the anticipated 57th Republican to register with the Federal Election Commission as a presidential candidate for the election year 2016. It is my hope that he will rise to the standard of specificity I have incorporated into my platform as he begins to lay out his plans to achieve the vision he has briefly described for America. I am, however, greatly disappointed with his campaign announcement remarks in which he either directly states or implies the intent to continue the IRS, income taxes and corporate taxes; these in addition to newly proposed avenues for cronyism and tax discrimination that he calls ‘economic freedom zones.’ What I am hearing in his remarks is not a focus on the restoration of government’s federal character nor that of State sovereignty as I have called for in my platform, but a continuation of the governments’ monopoly over the States through a heavy-handed national character that, among other undesirable consequences, decides who shall and shall not benefit from the labors of all Americans. I look forward to the possibility of debate with the Senator and the other candidates in the ever-expanding field of Republicans as we move forward to the primaries."                  

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Kerry Bowers
- Henderson

Thu, 02/19/2015 - 8:44am

Greetings NH GOP Leadership,

Remember these recent words from Governor Romney?

“I believe that one of our next generation of Republican leaders, one who may not be as well-known as I am today, one who has not yet taken their message across the country, one who is just getting started, may well emerge as being better able to defeat the Democrat nominee … In fact, I expect and hope that to be the case.”

I believe Governor Romney’s insightful words convey a very important message to the Republican Party; a message, I pray, the Party will heed for the potential that may come from looking beyond the obvious to the less obvious and from which real solutions to the nation‘s ills may be revealed.   

As of 13 February 2015 there are 47, Federal Election Commission-registered, Republican, presidential candidates and every one of them are ignored by the Republican Party as evidenced by the omission of their names and faces in straw polls and political events around the country.  I would venture to say too, an examination of the lineup of general-session speakers at every major Republican gathering of the last year, and in the months to come before the caucuses and primaries, have and will continue to reflect the same names from among a small roll of ‘non-candidates.’  We must ask ourselves then, how does this response by the Party reflect the vision of Governor Romney?  Does it open the doors to the one he hopes to be revealed to us, or are they opened only so wide as to admit those who pass the Party’s requisites?    

How many times do we need to hear the same messages from the same people, those lacking in substance as a consequence of the intentional omission of details?  How long before we establish a standard that dictates a stage will only be provided to those who have demonstrated their sincerity for the office they seek by first having registered as a candidate?  And, how much longer should we be an audience to those who have yet to submit, for the people’s examination, a written, detailed plan for the redirection of America; a plan inclusive of the vision, the objectives to achieve that vision, the strategies to employ in pursuit of the objectives, and the goals by which the people may measure the nation’s progress towards objective achievement and, ultimately, vision accomplishment?  And, how much longer can a Party survive that suppresses ideas of substance while promoting those who fail to bring substance to the Party, not because they are incapable of doing so, but do so in compliance with the advice of political strategists?  Without the submission of a candidate’s vision and a detailed plan to achieve the same, then what do we as an electorate have as a measure to which we hold an elected representative accountable?  More importantly at this moment in time, how do we effectively gauge one Republican candidate versus another if they do not present their detailed plans for the restoration of America’s eroded blessings?            

I urge the New Hampshire GOP to make something of real substance out of its motto ‘First in the Nation’ by becoming the first in the nation to provide a platform through which the electorate will be exposed to the real candidates, those registered with the FEC and those who have presented a freely-offered and detailed plan for redirecting this nation back to the Founder’s-charted course.  What a blessing NH can be for the nation and what a testimony to the ideals of a free and fair election process that the people of NH could boast when they are ‘The First in the Nation’ to achieve such a goal!

As evidence of what the NH GOP can present to the nation from “one less well-known”, I offer for your examination the most detailed platform ever presented by a presidential candidate, a platform appropriately themed ‘Restore America’s Blessings’ and available for viewing at either or  To begin an examination of my clearly presented vision for the future, one replete with the requisites of detail previously addressed, I recommend viewing the videos titled, ‘Ten Steps To Restore America’s Blessings’ and ‘A Presidential Candidate’s Perspective On Inauguration and Beyond.’  The first video succinctly states what every American needs to hear and the second, what every American wants to hear from one who would present himself, or herself, for consideration as the peoples ‘executive servant.’  Were I to be so blessed to have the opportunity to address the general session at the NH GOP Republican Leadership Summit in April, and do so at my expense, I would present the ten-step restoration process because it is a message of truth and national necessity, one to which the ends absolutely can be achieved by compliance with the means I have charted within my platform.    

In closing, I want to point out my picture between that of Vice President Biden and Governor Jeb Bush on the 2016 presidential candidate page of NH’s Virtual Town Hall website, ‘Live Free or Die Alliance.’ I hope that the NH GOP will recognize the value of what I may offer to this campaign as much as that of the LFDA who so kindly included a real candidate among the RNC and media-promoted ‘potential’ candidates. 

I thank you for your very kind attention to this letter and I welcome you to contact me at 702 823-3650 to further discuss a speaking opportunity at the FITN Republican Leadership Summit.             


Kerry D. Bowers
2016 Republican Candidate
President of the United States


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