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Lily Tang Williams came in third in the 2022 Republican primary in District 2. A year later she announced she would run again in 2024. Williams is a native of China and a fierce critic of the Chinese Communist Party. In her campaign announcement she said, "I fear that the country I love is becoming like the country I left. That is why I am running for Congress."

Position on Issues

WMUR, 2022

"This is no longer a federal issue; abortion now falls under the purview of the States and their legislatures. The people of New Hampshire can participate in the democratic process to decide on abortion."

WMUR, 2022

"Inflation is a monetary problem that can be addressed fiscally by stopping the creation of too much money, reducing spending, and cutting deficits. I will support bringing back the balanced budget amendment proposed in 1995 - when the House endorsed a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution aimed at eliminating federal deficits."

WMUR, 2022

"We must maintain a strong economy and continue to develop technologies, like nuclear fusion, and continuously explore all energy options in a free market. We must consider the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that stops the Biden Administration's misguided efforts. The 6-to-3 decision ruled that the EPA does not have the authority to regulate the carbon emissions of power plants. Clearly, the EPA, which was created during the Nixon administration, can no longer create un-legislated edicts which are constitutionally reserved for the States. The people of New Hampshire have a right to decide what is best for them in regards to preserving and protecting our natural environment, while also leading in innovative energy solutions."

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