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US House NH District 1

Position on Issues

Candidate's Facebook Page, 2018

On his Facebook page, Robert Burns posted: "The safety and security of our nation and our borders will be the highest of my priorities in Congress. I agree with the President when he said that 'The United States will not be a migrant camp and it will not be a refugee holding facility.' I believe we are a generous and welcoming country that has welcomed over 3 million refugees in my lifetime. The decades of refusal of Congress and past Presidents to act on border security and immigration has caused a crisis situation on our southern border."

Candidate's Website, 2018

"It is critical that we secure our borders and stand for the rule of law. Instead of spending billions of dollars securing the borders of other countries, we should invest those resources into securing our own borders. I support a physical barrier spanning the southern border, and the use of modern technology to monitor areas where our border guards might not be able to patrol in person. My understanding of technology will give me the perspective necessary to recommend the right methods to digitally monitor and detect illegal entries. Drones, cameras, censors, artificial intelligence, and manpower working together with a physical barrier will lead to safety and security for the American people."

Candidate's Website, 2021

"The 2nd Amendment has been under siege by those who wish to reduce our rights to carry a firearm and protect ourselves, our families, and our property. I do not support additional gun control legislation and will oppose attempts to reduce our Constitutional rights. I support passing national reciprocity for conceal carry permits, which would allow gun owners to exercise their rights when crossing state lines. I always have and always will stand for the right to keep and bear arms."
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