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Running for: US President

Ryan Binkley, a wealth advisor and pastor, recently crossed the 50,000-donor threshold to qualify for a primary debate (although he has yet to meet the polling requirements). Binkley weaves his faith and family experience into much of his campaign messaging. In his campaign announcement he said, "It’s time for America to be revived economically and spiritually."

Position on Issues

Candidate's Website, 2023

"My plan deploys physical barriers, tactical infrastructure, technology, and personnel along the border where it is most effective."

Candidate's Website, 2023

"First, starting with nondefense discretionary spending, we need a two percent cut across the board. Our fiscal house is in disarray. We are not in a position to be paying for everything we want, instead we must focus on what we need."

Candidate's Website, 2023

"I will freeze Medicare and Medicaid spending, and then end the monopolies on insurance exchanges, health care providers, and Big Pharma. That will cut costs across the board and go a long way to bringing our entitlement spending under control.

"As I said, we need to cut the things that don’t work. One example is Obamacare. That program, through its regulations and subsidies, has ballooned Medicaid costs and provided benefits to people that Medicaid was never intended to cover. For all the billions spent, coverage is now more expensive, and health care choices have decreased. We can’t allow this to continue."

Candidate's Website, 2023

"The next President will see the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – passed under a Republican President, Republican House, and Republican Senate – expire in 2025. At a minimum, those tax reforms must be extended.

"But I won’t stop there. We need a flatter, fairer tax system to foster growth in the economy and allow taxpayers the opportunity to save and invest for the future. I will reform the tax code like Ronald Reagan did."

Candidate's Website, 2023

"God granted us this rich and bountiful land that already has everything we require to meet our energy needs.

"By investing in homegrown and produced energy, we will create family-supporting jobs, reduce energy costs for working Americans, and break the stranglehold that nations like Russia have on the world’s economy."

WMUR, 2023

"On abortion, Binkley said the focus needs to be on building a national culture of life first, but he would be willing to enact national abortion restrictions as president.

"'I would sign something early on like that, yes,' he said."

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