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Running for: US President

After a decade working in finance, Steve Laffey served as mayor of Cranston, Rhode Island from 2003 to 2007. While his residence is in Colorado, he told WMUR, "I'm here for three months. I'm living in Manchester. My kids are coming. My family will come. You thought the Kennedys campaigned hard in the '60s? Every single person in New Hampshire will meet my family. And we're going to breakthrough right here, right in New England, where I'm from."

Position on Issues

Candidate's Website, 2023

"If we asked a stock picker to pick stocks for our portfolio, and he lost money on 85% of every trade he made, how long would we keep him around? Yet our friends at the Fed have been wrong for years. But we don't ever seem to get rid of them. Instead, we promote them and give them even more power and control. Something's wrong at the Federal Reserve, and Laffey knows what it is."

Candidate's Website, 2023

"​Why does our government continue to spend more than it takes in? Why has balancing the budget become a completely foreign concept in Washington. While Americans sacrifice, work three jobs, take less vacations, and hold onto the old clunker in the driveway for one more year- Washington just keeps spending and borrowing to pay for it. If it doesn't work at your house, how can it possibly continue to work in the USA? It's not a question IF it will ultimately come to a screeching halt. It's only a question of WHEN."
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