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2 lawsuits against new voter registration law

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The New Hampshire Democratic Party and the League of Women Voters of New Hampshire, along with three individual voters, have filed lawsuits against the new voter registration law passed this spring.

The law, SB 3, requires new voters to show documentation that proves they intend to stay in New Hampshire in the long-term.  Voters can still register and vote on election day without documentation, but they must present the documentation to town officials within thirty days or face an investigation.

A law intended to protect the ballot box

The law is intended to prevent voter fraud.  President Donald Trump’s administration has alleged that Democratic voters were bused in from Massachusetts to swing the 2016 election in New Hampshire. 

Other supporters of SB 3 argue that individuals working temporarily in New Hampshire on political campaigns are inappropriately voting in New Hampshire elections.

“[SB 3] provides integrity into our voter system. And, again, having that responsibility of the first-in-the-nation primary is something we take very seriously here, and we have no doubt it will be upheld.”

- Gov. Chris Sununu 

A burden on certain voters

The lawsuits argue that SB 3 violates the state and federal constitutions by burdening the right to vote with complex paperwork and different standards for new voters.

“The burdens fall disproportionately on New Hampshire's young, low-income, and minority groups and those who have recently moved within or into the state-all of whom are most likely to register close to or on Election Day-resulting in the arbitrary and differential treatment of similarly situated New Hampshire citizens.”

- League of Women Voters lawsuit filing 

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Want to learn more about the debate over voter registration requirements in New Hampshire? Visit our issue page.  


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