94th Annual Motorcycle Week

Jun 10, 2017

BY: Citizens Count

Laconia Motorcycle Week runs from June 10 through June 18 this year. The annual rally is expected to bring hundreds of thousands of riders to the Granite State.

New Hampshire is popular among motorcyclists partly because it does not require adults to wear helmets. Click here to see our issue page to learn more about the debate over a motorcycle helmet law. 

Some people want to loosen more laws for motorcyclists in the Granite State. Last year we asked our community if New Hampshire should follow California's example and allow motorcycle lane-splitting. Click here to read a summary of that discussion. This year New Hampshire also considered making motorcycle inspections biennial

Not everyone is a fan of motorcycles, though. Police often deal with complaints about the noise from motorcycles, and some New Hampshire residents want stricter noise limits. Click here to see what our community had to say about motorcycle noise limits. 

Are you a motorcyclist? Would you like New Hampshire to change any laws relating to motorcycles? Let us know in the comments.


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Motorcycle Helmet Law | 4 comment(s)
Should NH require motorcycle helmets?

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