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Do you support licensing two casinos, one larger and one smaller, in NH?

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Sen. Lou D’Allesandro is back with another casino bill this year.

The 2018 bill, SB 586, would allow the state to license two casinos.

Overview of SB 586

Here’s an overview of the major points of SB 586:

  • One license is for a casino with a maximum of 160 table games and 3,500 slot machines. The other license is for a casino with a maximum of 80 table games and 1,500 slot machines.
  • The state could choose to build and lease casinos, or could require applicants for the casino licenses to build the facilities.
  • Any town hosting a casino must vote to approve the casino.
  • Each casino would pay a license fee of $40 million.
  • Casinos would pay a 35% tax on slot machine revenue and an 18% tax on table game revenue.
  • Tax revenue would be shared among every town in New Hampshire, with extra money going to towns hosting or bordering casinos.
  • Casinos would also pay $600 per year per slot machine to help treat problem gambling.
  • Slot machines and table games would be limited to patrons over twenty-one years-old.


Arguments in favor of SB 586

Supporters of casinos in New Hampshire argue that they are a great way to boost revenue and economic activity for the state.

Supporters also point out that table gaming is already prevalent in New Hampshire, thanks to the charitable gaming system.

Arguments against SB 586

Opponents of casinos argue that the social costs of gambling addiction and crime outweigh any economic benefits from casinos.

They also argue that casinos would hurt the charitable gaming system, which gives revenue to nonprofits.

Click here to learn more about the longstanding debate over casinos in New Hampshire.

Do you support SB 586? Let us know in the comments below.


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Conn. has been home to 2 casinos for about 25-30 years. Is there any research/evidence that supports a surge in gambling addiction in that area?


If a study was done on the number of buses that head south out of NH to the casinos in Ct. I think they would be surprised. The people on the buses are adults and chose to go for fun and excitement. The state is losing a great source of revenue by hiding their heads in the sand. If people want to gamble they will find a way to do it legally or illegally. Get on the band wagon before its to late


Yes, but the location is critical. A border town would be best.

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