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House and Senate: Let hunters use silencers

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The state House of Representatives and Senate have agreed on a final version of HB 500, a bill that repeals the ban on using silencers while hunting.

The bill now heads to Gov. Maggie Hassan for her signature or veto.

"This bill brings New Hampshire in line with the hunting laws in a majority of the states, as 37 states currently allow the use of suppressors when hunting," wrote Rep. James Spillane. "Maine has just joined the ranks of those allowing use. This bill will allow hunters to prevent irreparable hearing damage and cut down on noise complaints." 

Opponents argue that the noise of firearms makes hunting safer by alerting people nearby of the potential safety hazard.

Other opponents argue that silencers help poachers and other illegal hunters avoid detection. 

Do you think New Hampshire should allow the use of sound suppressors while hunting?  Comment below.


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What the heck is wrong with you? Were you dropped on your head as a child? I cannot even believe that you are introducing a bill that could cause the inhumane shooting of an animal. Be a man, go buy some bullets.

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