House and Senate pass 10 year transportation plan

May 29, 2018

BY: Citizens Count

On Thursday, May 23 the New Hampshire House and Senate passed HB 2018, the ten-year transportation improvement plan.

About HB 2018

Every two years the Department of Transportation works with Regional Planning Commissions and the Executive Council to draft a ten-year plan for transportation infrastructure improvement, maintenance, and repair. The Legislature revised and approved that plan through HB 2018.

HB 2018 includes the following:

  • Authorization for the Department of Transportation to pursue all-electronic tolling, similar to the tolling system in Massachusetts
  • A new committee to study removing the tolls on the Everett Turnpike in Merrimack
  • Other various road and bridge construction projects

Not included in HB 2018

The Legislature voted to remove a commuter rail study from HB 2018.

Click here to learn more about the debate over commuter rail in New Hampshire.

HB 2018 also does not include any toll increase. In late 2017 the Department of Transportation proposed a toll increase of 18 to 50 cents to fund turnpike improvements.

Click here to learn more about the proposed toll increase.

Gov. Chris Sununu has indicated he will sign HB 2018 into law.

Do you have an opinion on the state’s ten-year transportation plan? Let us know in the comments below.


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