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Lower drinking age in NH?

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Rep. Dan Hynes is sponsoring a 2018 bill to lower the drinking age to twenty years-old.

Like all other states, New Hampshire allows adults to legally consume alcohol at age twenty-one. Unlike some other states, New Hampshire does not have any exceptions to allow younger adults to consume alcohol at home or in the presence of a parent or guardian.

Click here to learn more about the drinking age in New Hampshire.

Arguments for a lower drinking age

Supporters of a lower drinking age point out that younger adults are allowed to vote, join the military, drive a car, and marry. If young adults are mature enough to make these decisions, aren't they mature enough to decide whether or not to have a drink?

Some supporters also argue that because drinking is illegal, young adults seek out alcohol in risky environments, with a higher likelihood of binge drinking, sexual assault, and drunk driving.

Arguments against a lower drinking age

Federal law ties highway funding to a drinking age of twenty-one. According to the Department of Transportation, if New Hampshire lowers the drinking age it will lose $17.4 million in federal funding.

A lower drinking age in New Hampshire might also entice twenty year-olds from neighboring states to cross the border to drink in the Granite State. This creates a safety issue when those intoxicated youth try to drive home.

Do you support a lower drinking age in New Hampshire? Share your opinion in the comments below.


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This is a tough call. I do believe the logic that someone "old enough" to join the military, buy tobacco and vote should have the right to consume alcohol. But I have genuine concerns about drunk driving and that is probably the overriding factor for me. I would not support lowering the age.

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