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Manchester razes homeless camps

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Manchester city officials are in the process of clearing three homeless encampments near the Merrimack river.

Manchester police and the state Department of Transportation notified homeless in the area that they must leave.

Their actions were prompted by the Manchester mayor’s office, following some citizen complaints.

Some homeless in the area note that they are on public property and they are not harassing anyone, and argue that the government has no right to force them out.

Other Manchester residents argue that some homeless people aggressively panhandle and leave behind litter, including used syringes.

Cities throughout New Hampshire have considered various policies to address homelessness and panhandling. Click here to learn more about that ongoing debate. 

How do you think Manchester should address homeless encampments? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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Bulldozing camps is the best solution the city of Manchester has to offer to homelessness? Seems they care more about the 'nuisance' it causes cozy middle-class neighbors than the welfare of people living on the street. If litter was an issue - take care of the litter. If needles are a problem, set up an exchange, and get drug and alcohol counselors to visit the site. This is not a solution.


The density of these individuals has become too problematic for the community and residents don't deserve to suffer the effects. Best to nip this in the bud in light of what we've seen developing in places like California and Hawaii. What this does illustrate, though, is the need for renewed utilization of mental hospitals.

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