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NH ranks 46th for race equality

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A new report from 24/7 Wall Street ranked New Hampshire 46th in the nation for equality of black and white citizens. 

The ranking looked at ten factors, including:

  • Median household incomes
  • Poverty rates
  • High school and college education rates
  • Homeownership rates
  • Unemployment rates
  • Incarceration rates
  • Felony disenfranchisement rates
  • Infant mortality rates
  • Age-adjusted mortality rates

In New Hampshire, the median household income of black residents is roughly half the income of white residents. The black homeownership rate is 42.5%, compared to the white rate of 72.4%.

The black incarceration rate is over five times the incarceration rate of white citizens.

New Hampshire also had the worst ranking in New England. Vermont ranked 42nd, Massachusetts ranked 35th, and Maine ranked 33rd.

Wisconsin was ranked 1st in the nation for equality. Hawaii came in last.

New Hampshire fared much better in a January 2017 ranking of "racial integration" from WalletHub. That ranking placed New Hampshire at 26th in the nation, ahead of Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont. The Granite State had relatively small gaps between black and white citizens in unemployment and standardized test scores. That ranking also noted that the gaps in homeownership and labor force participation were shrinking.

How would you rate racial equality in New Hampshire? Let us know in the comments below.


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I warned 15 yrs ago that Jim Crow Era Racial Segregation was part of the everyday natural political and judicial agendas against minorities. These acts of racial inequality by the government is tolerated and perpetuated by the Dixiecrats and the Racist Republicans. My son and I are proof positive of the Wall St Research.

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