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NH to turn over public voter records

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This week, controversy was raised when New Hampshire’s governor and secretary of state announced they would comply with a request from the Trump administration for information about New Hampshire voters.

The information was requested by a new election commission, charged with investigating alleged voter fraud.

"We fully intend to comply," said Republican Gov. Chris Sununu. "This is a bipartisan commission looking at integrity in the election process. That is something we take seriously here in the State of New Hampshire.”

“All voter information in this state is public, and that's the information we'll be providing. Nothing else."

- Gov. Chris Sununu

What information NH will provide

New Hampshire will give the commission names, addresses, party affiliation and records related to whether a person voted and, for primary elections, which party ballot they requested, going back to 2006. This is information that has previously been available to political parties for purchase during each election cycle. Any citizen can also view the same information at the state archives, though they are not permitted to print or manipulate the data.   

It is not yet clear whether the election commission will be asked to pay for the data.

Democratic Secretary of State William Gardner, who is also a member of Trump’s commission, pointed out that the records to be shared did not include private information.

"We don't have boxes full of personal information about people in our archives. What we have is what we've publicly shared for decades.”

- Sec. of State William Gardner

However, Sununu and Gardner’s compliance isn’t complete. The commission had also requested voter birthdates, records of election law violations, and the last four digits of social security numbers. That information will not be released by New Hampshire.

Opposition to sharing data

Opponents of the move expressed concern about the broader implications of the request, citing concerns about a potential violation of voter privacy or misuse of the data.

"I am very concerned that the requested information would be used to create a national voter database that can be used to disenfranchise voters.”

- U.S. Sen. Maggie Hassan

Others argued that the decision to release the information shouldn’t lie with Gardner, who as a member of the commission could be said to have a conflict of interest.

Several states, including New York, Virginia and Kentucky, have stated they will deny the commission’s request outright, while many states will echo Gardner’s approach, only releasing publicly-available information.

Do you approve of the decision to submit publicly-available New Hampshire voter data to Trump’s election commission?  Cast your vote—yes or no—and tell us why in the comments.


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I see no reason they need to know so much about people, especially the last 4 digits of S S. For so many that is how many accounts are recognized as In new own for a lot of things. I also do not know what they need to know the law violations on elections either.


There is no need to provide this information to anyone in DC...
There was no fraud and this fake president is a disaster...


No way!! If trump wants our voting records, he better release his tax records!
Gardner and Sununu have sold out the citizens of NH.
Both of these politicians should count on being voted out next election!!


I don't think NH should release our voter information to the Trump campaign people just because he accused NH of voter fraud. I was unable to obtain a listing of new registered voters in my town, for the purpose of delivering "Welcome" packets to new neighbors, so why should the POTUS get a list, just to satisfy his delusional claims of our "busing in "millions" of voters from out-of-state, to sway the election??


I believe that Motor Voter registrations are wrong. It should be up to the individual states to make sure that the voting record is kept in compliance with the law. It's unfortunate we have people in this state and around the country that want to circumnavigate the system and the law.. My vote is more important to me then letting anybody take advantage of this system. And if it takes a commission to straighten this out to keep a legitimate than I approve the commission in any records that they may seem necessary two prove or disprove voter fraud born and raised in the Hampshire citizen I believe my one vote counts and I will not let my one vote be negated buy 30 or 40 other people that come on buses that come through those doors or I vote and let my vote be discounted because of their ability to cheat the system through the help of the Democrats which is fact I stand on that alone thank you very much and have a nice 4th of July Independence weekend

Terry B

H has no voter fraud problems. Supplying information to the federal government wastes taxpayer dollars that should be used to solve real problems that this nation is facing. I'm appalled that our governor is buying into Trump's lunacy. When Trump asks what are states hiding that refuse to supply this information, I think that is the same question we've been asking about his tax returns. What are you hiding, Trump?


I absolutely disagree with providing the fraudulent voter fraud commission with the personal information of New Hampshire voters. It appears that our Governor is trying to curry favor with Trump, rather than doing his duty as a public servant to the voters of New Hampshire. By rolling over for Trump, Governor Sununu is making a mockery of "Live Free or Die."


Reading the comments, the insults, the preposterous and irrelevant arguments, the tone reminiscent of grade schoolers throwing verbal punches, makes me embarrassed to call these posters fellow citizens with all due respect.

As a Town Moderator, I have seen first hand the frustration among poll workers over the extremely lax voter registration and domicile laws in this state. I am sick and tired of hearing credible reports of college students being coached to evade our domicile laws, and of the blather from some suggesting that voter id enforcement to ensure the integrity of our system is a waste of time and money. There is limited evidence of voter fraud in NH, but have any of you brats ever actually filed a complaint with the AG office with a specific allegation? I have. What an eye opener! The reason there is no evidence is because the AG office, under control of the Democrats for years, saw to it. First I filed my complaint. Heard nothing. Then I reminded them. Heard nothing. Finally I called and harassed them until I could get the deadbeats down there to open one eye long enough to write a memo to file to close my case. Took six months. What an EMBARRASSMENT these people were to both our electoral system and the concept of fair play and the equal hand of justice!!! So heck YES (but just the data that Gardner/Sununu have agreed to give). Give them the data please.

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