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Private home poker games now legal

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Gov. Chris Sununu signed HB 164, which legalizes private, at-home poker games. 

The host cannot take a cut of the winnings or charge for seats, the game cannot be publicly advertised, and there can be no more than ten players.

Bill supporters noted that people already regularly play poker at home.  They argued the standing misdemeanor penalty for private poker games was unreasonable.

Bill opponents advocated for some limits on the wagers players can make in poker in private residences.  They believe HB 164 fuels problem gambling and opens a door to underground gambling rings.

Visit our Gambling issue page to learn more about the laws in New Hampshire.

Do you support allowing no-limits poker games at home?  Share your opinion in the comments below.


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I guess I thought "Private, In-Home Gambling" would already be legal because the State has no justifiable interest in regulating what a person does in his/her home regarding gambling, including internet gambling. If someone wants to blow their life savings on poker, that's their choice (Although, don't ask me to pay for their retirement/medical costs afterward) I understand that Governor Sununu is trying to protect citizens from overreach by authorities, but all this does is enforce the notion that a law is required in the first place on this issue.

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