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Shaheen sponsors universal health care bill

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Senator Jeanne Shaheen is a co-sponsor of a bill to enroll all U.S. citizens in Medicare, ending private health insurance.

The bill is sponsored by Vermont Senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Shaheen released the following statement:

"I support the Medicare For All Act because I believe that healthcare should be a fundamental right in this country.  Too many Granite Staters continue to struggle to access quality affordable healthcare. I know that in a Republican-controlled Congress this legislation will not pass in the near term, but I believe this bill puts pressure on Congress to think big when it comes to providing the healthcare that all Americans need and deserve. The immediate task at hand for Congress is to stabilize the current healthcare marketplace and find bipartisan means to drive down costs."

The rest of New Hampshire's congressional delegation does not support Sanders' bill.  However, Rep. Carol Shea-Porter tweeted her support for a bill that would let anyone to buy into Medicare, allowing Medicare to compete with private insurance.

Opponents of the Medicare For All Act argue that a government monopoly on health insurance will lead to higher costs and poor quality of care.

According to White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders: 

"I think that the president as well as the majority of the country knows that the single payer system that the Democrats are proposing is a horrible idea.  I can’t think of anything worse than having the government be more involved in your health care instead of less involved."

Do you support Medicare For All?  Let us know in the comments below.


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When are these politicians going to wake up and realize that we do not want more government control. If they are so concerned about "healthcare" why is their focus on insurance? Why don't they go after the price gouging pharma companies and the out of control costs of healthcare, instead of constantly focusing on ensuring that the insurers get paid? Socialism does not work and these politicos are nothing but back door dealing, money grubbing, tools....

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