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Should election days be state holidays?

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HB 625, a 2017 bill sponsored by Rep. Ellen Read, would make the primary and general election days state holidays. 

Government offices and schools would have to close on both days.

Private employers would not have to close.  The current state law would stand; employees can request an absentee ballot if they must be physically present at work, or in transit to and from work, during the period the polls are open. 

Bill supporters note that schools are often used as voting locations, which can disrupt regular classes.  This past year some school districts considered closing during elections due to concern over voters carrying firearms to the polling place. 

Bill opponents argue that closing schools on election days will burden voters who must find childcare for school-age children.  Others note that towns and cities already have the option of closing schools on election days.

Do you support making the primary and general election days state holidays?  Share your opinion in the comments.


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A good start but not enough. Needs to be a federal holiday. Especially considering all the steps one party is taking to suppress the vote.

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