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Should law enforcement officials in NH do more to enforce motorcycle noise limits?

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State law in New Hampshire limits the level of noise that can be legally emitted by a motorcycle to 92 decibels while idling and 96 or 100 decibels at speed, depending on the number of cylinders in the vehicles' engine.

However, some residents of areas popular with bikers have called for increased enforcement of motorcycle noise limits, maintaining that police are not doing an adequate job identifying and ticketing offenders. They argue that excessive motorcycle noise has a negative impact on quality of life and should be a priority for law enforcement officials.

Others counter that enforcing motorcycle noise violations is notoriously difficult, as it requires getting a reading on the vehicle with a noise meter from a specified distance. Some additionally maintain that noisy motorcycles, while irritating, are only a public nuisance, and that law enforcement time would be better spent addressing public safety concerns.



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