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Should NH allow tinted car windows?

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Current New Hampshire law forbids tinting your car windows. HB 227, sponsored by Rep. Ryan Smith, aims to change that. 

HB 227 would specifically allow tinting on windows but not the windshield.

Supporters of window tinting argue that it gives drivers privacy and keeps cars cool in the heat.

The New Hampshire Department of Safety and the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police oppose window tinting because it makes it more difficult to assess potential danger when approaching a vehicle.

The House of Representatives passed a bill to allow window tinting in 2016, but the Senate killed the bill. 

Do you think New Hampshire should allow window tinting? Join the discussion on Facebook, and we’ll present your opinions as testimony at the legislative public hearing on HB 227. Only comments from NH residents will be counted, so please type “NH resident” in your response to make sure your voice is heard.


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Having tint will help drivers from the glare from the sunlight Street London get and head light could save a small child's life whenever one child runs to street without thinking hold windows togther if was broken creating less likely to harm someone when shining flashlight by officer can clearly see what's going on inside car day or night at worst would just not have 100% descriptions of ones inside but clearly registaions to car give enough information tint is a great idea more benifits to having than not having at all.


Having tint on the car windows help prevent glare of the sun, as well as helping if it gets too hot outside. The inside will not get as hot. Plus with having the tint on it also helps my kids see out the car windows a lot better. Plus if I was to get into an accident the tint would help prevent a really bad incident with the glass breaking!


Such moderate tint laws affect thousands of drivers everyday. Benefits of allowing tint on the front windows include, but are not limited to:

Adds additional crash safety from shattered glass. (link)
Reduces the sun's glare, helping prevent accidents due to excess glare. (link)
Reduces headlight glare and brightness, in the sideview mirrors, from drivers behind us. (link)
Blocks 99.9% of UV radiation which is important to prevent melanoma cancer to the skin and the eyes, especially in children. (link, link)
Keeps vehicles more comfortable by reducing solar heat gain, reducing emissions from less stress on critical automotive cooling components. (link)
Adds privacy for drivers, passengers, and belongings.
Potentially reduce auto theft occurrences. (link)

Helps protect interior upholstery from fading and leather seats from cracking.
All we ask is 35% window tint allowed on all windows. We feel that having this tint will help alleviate major issues we deal with today. if the State Senate cares about driver safety they should pass this bill.

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