Should NH expand the property tax exemption for RVs?

Apr 01, 2018

BY: Citizens Count

On Tuesday, April 3 the New Hampshire House will have a public hearing on SB 403, a bill that would expand the property tax exemption for campers and other recreational vehicles (RVs).

Current taxation of RVs

Under current state law, any RV with a width under 8 feet 6 inches is exempt from property taxes, so long as the RV has a valid motor vehicle registration and license plate. The RV also cannot be permanently sited at a campground and used for year-round residence.

Every year campground owners must supply local officials with the name and address of every person with an RV on campground property. Local officials use this information to tax RV owners as the law allows.

RV tax changes in SB 403

SB 403 generally increases the property tax exemption for RV owners.

RVs would no longer need a valid motor vehicle registration and license plate to be exempt. RVs could also be permanently located at a campground, so long as they were not lived in year-round.

SB 403 also repeals the requirement that campground owners share the names and addresses of RV owners with local officials.

Support, opposition for RV tax exemptions

Supporters of SB 403 argue that the current law places unreasonable burdens on RV and campground owners. In particular, they argue that requiring campground owners to disclose names and addresses violates the privacy of RV owners.

Opponents of SB 403 argue that it will significantly decrease local property tax revenue. If an RV is permanently located on a campground, it is really a residence, and should be taxed like it.

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