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Should NH users of medicinal pot be asked to voluntarily surrender their guns?

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Honolulu’s police department recently sent letters to registered medicinal pot users, stating they had 30 days to voluntarily turn in their guns—that is, until public outcry prompted a review and ultimate reversal of the policy.

Federal law on marijuana use and gun ownership

The department issued the order because federal law prohibits anyone who uses illegal substances from owning a firearm, and—so far as the federal government is concerned—marijuana is still a controlled drug. That means medical marijuana users who own firearms are technically in violation of federal gun laws.

Public backlash leads to reversal

An intense public backlash resulted in the city’s police department putting the policy on hold in order to conduct further study of the issue.

“This is a new area of concern for cities across the country, and we in Honolulu want to develop a policy that’s legally sound and serves our community.”

- Honolulu Police Chief Susan Ballard

As a result of their review, earlier this month, Honolulu’s police chief ended the requirement that medicinal pot users turn over their guns.

Medicinal marijuana programs and guns in NH

New Hampshire currently has no laws specifically addressing gun ownership and medicinal pot use.

Learn more about medical marijuana in New Hampshire on our issue page.

Medicinal pot users are breaking federal law and therefore should not be allowed to possess weapons

Supporters of requiring marijuana patients to turn over their guns say that it is dangerous to mix firearms with a substance that can impair one’s judgment. They also note that being a user of a controlled substance, whether for medicinal or recreational purposes, is still a criminal offense under federal law.

Medicinal pot patients should not be denied their Second Amendment rights

Others argue that medical marijuana does no more to impair judgement than drinking alcohol or using prescription drugs—and use of those substances does not preclude gun ownership. They note that the right to bear arms is guaranteed by the Constitution, and question whether use of any medically necessary drug should be considered grounds to compromise that right.

Do you think medicinal pot users should surrender their guns? Vote #yes or #no and tell us your opinion below.


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No they should not loose their right to own a gun because they are a medicinal marijuana users. They should not loose their right to own a gun even if they are a recreational user.


NO!!!!! Alcohol kills thousands of people every year and nobody even blinks an eye, from alcohol poisoning to vehicular deaths, but that's ok because it's legal, but now you have marajuana which is not responsible for thousands of fatalities annually and has numerous medical benefits yet for some reason it is NOT federally legal yet!!!!!.
Taking somebody's rights to bear arms and protect themselves for having a marajuana medical card is as ridiculous as tacking somebody's driver's license for taking an aspirin.


#no. Responsible gun owners know not to use their guns when they're under the influence of anything. No one would think to take away the guns of people who drink alcohol daily, which has worse effects than marijuana.


First this is against constitutional law . Second It's crazy to say medicinal , not even recreational uses , should not have guns ,when people who drink alcohol can have guns . And the medicinal doesn't even get you high which makes it even more stupid . This is all about getting rid of the competition of the pharmaceutical companies . This has nothing to do with safety .

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