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State committee gives final approval to Antrim Wind

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On Friday the state Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) gave final approval for Antrim Wind Energy LLC to build nine wind turbines along Tuttle Hill and the Willard Mountain ridge line.

The SEC vote denied three different groups’ requests to reconsider approval for the project.  Those groups included some area residents, the WindAction Group, and the Stoddard Conservation Commission.

Those opponents may try to appeal the SEC decision to the New Hampshire Supreme Court.

Antrim Wind will start construction later this year.

Supporters of the project argue that wind energy is a clean, renewable alternative to fossil fuels, which contribute to air pollution and are subject to price volatility.

Antrim Wind has also committed to conserving over 900 acres of forestland in Antrim.

Opponents of the project note that the wind turbines will still disrupt roughly 13,000 acres of uninterrupted forest.  Neighboring towns such as Stoddard will suffer the negative impacts on the environment without getting the tax revenue promised to Antrim.

Wind power opponents also argue that wind turbines are not cost effective and cause noise pollution.

To learn more about the pros and cons of wind power, visit our issue page

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I vote NO...N...O. We have a farm near Newfound Lake where they also plan to put up these damaging developments within feet of the border of Cardigan Mountain State Park. This will severely damage the environment, lead to more roads and power lines, pollute mountain streams with cement tailings etc, kill thousands of birds, particularly raptors and DAMAGE the LOCAL ECONOMY which depends on tourism, summer and winter and people choosing to build retirement homes in these lovely settings...WHY would they want to come to the same crisscross of roads, power lines and industrial sites they live with in the cities.


Oppose!! Major portion of created energy contracted to MA user, constant noise and light a health hazard to the sensitive, only about 34% efficiency of turbines, huge carbon footprint in construction, massive negative effect on wildlife corridor, depression of real estate value of properties in view of the turbines, and a major insult to New Hampshire's beauty which attracts tourist (who bring $$ to the state!)

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