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Would you support a seasonal ban on fireworks use in your town?

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In Rochester, officials have considered banning the use of fireworks for several months. Currently, the sale of fireworks is banned in Rochester, although they may be legally purchased in neighboring towns and used in Rochester.

A proposal is currently up for discussion in Rochester in which the use of fireworks would be allowed only during select holidays. In addition, people would be able to apply for a permit to set them off during June, July and August.

Those against a seasonal ban on the sale and use of fireworks argue it is contrary to New Hampshire's state motto, "live free or die." They contend that sensible regulations can keep fireworks safe and minimize public disruptions.

On the other hand, supporters of a seasonal ban argue that fireworks pose a fire risk and noise nuisance when used outside of traditional times of year. They also contend that some populations, including veterans with PTSD, are adversely affected when fireworks are set off unexpectedly.


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