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2020 State Candidate Survey


Each election year Citizens Count sends an issue survey to every candidate for state and federal office in New Hampshire.  We make every attempt to contact candidates by snail-mail, email, and phone.  Candidate survey responses are the primary source for issue positions shown on the Citizens Count website.  If a candidate does not respond to the Citizens Count survey, staff will search for candidate issue positions published in newspapers, posted on Facebook, etc.

The issues included in the survey are selected based on input from our online community, consultation with partners, and a review of legislation and candidate platforms.  The list below shows questions included on the 2020 survey sent to candidates for state representative, state senator, and governor.

Broad-based sales tax

Should NH add a broad-based sales tax?

Broad-based income tax

Should NH add an income tax on earned income?

Capital gains tax
Should New Hampshire add a tax on capital gains?
Business tax decrease

Should New Hampshire lower business taxes?

Cigarette tax increase

Should New Hampshire increase the tax on cigarettes?

Road usage fee

Should New Hampshire create a road usage fee?

Minimum wage increase

Should New Hampshire raise the minimum wage?

Tax incentives for affordable housing
Should New Hampshire add tax incentives for affordable housing development?
NH business subsidies and tax credits

Should New Hampshire increase subsidies and tax credits for business investment?

Student debt repayment for certain industries
Should New Hampshire provide student loan debt repayment programs for workers in industries with labor shortages?
Per-pupil school funding increase
Should New Hampshire increase the base amount of per-pupil funding it provides to local school districts?
Tax revenue for private and home schooling

Should New Hampshire allocate tax revenues for private and home schooling costs?

Statewide, mandatory family and medical leave
Should New Hampshire create a statewide family and medical leave program, paid for with a percentage of employee wages, with no opt-out?
Private, opt-in family and medical leave

Do you support Gov. Sununu's proposal to allow employers and employees to opt-in to a private, paid family and medical leave insurance plan, based on a pool of state employees, excluding coverage for personal illness?

Abortion ban after 24 weeks
Should New Hampshire ban abortion after 24 weeks gestation, with exceptions for cases of rape/incest and health complications?
Marijuana legalization

Should NH legalize the recreational use of marijuana?

Stricter gun laws

Should NH pass stricter gun control laws?

Increased access to police misconduct reports
Should New Hampshire increase public access to reports of police misconduct?
Net metering expansion
Should New Hampshire increase the size of solar panel installations that may participate in net energy metering?
Extending renewable energy portfolio standard
Should New Hampshire extend the renewable portfolio standard past 2025, requiring public utilities to obtain more than 25% of electricity from renewable energy sources?
Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

Should New Hampshire continue to participate in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, which requires utilities to purchase allowances for every ton of carbon they emit?

Emergency power restrictions

Should New Hampshire add restrictions to the governor's powers during a state of emergency?

Mail-in voting
Do you support the option of mail-in ballots for all voters, not just absentees?
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