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2024 Presidential Primary Survey


Each election year Citizens Count sends an issue survey to every candidate for state and federal office in New Hampshire. We make every attempt to contact candidates by snail-mail, email, and phone. Candidate survey responses are the primary source for issue positions shown on the Citizens Count website. If a candidate does not respond to the Citizens Count survey, staff will search for candidate issue positions published in newspapers, posted on Facebook, etc.

The issues included in the survey are selected based on input from our online community, consultation with experts, and a review of legislation and candidate platforms. The list below shows questions included on the 2024 survey sent to candidates for U.S. president ahead of the New Hampshire presidential primary.

If you want to learn more about the issues on this survey, click here.

End normal trade relations with China

Do you support ending China's Permanent Normal Trade Relations status?

Defend Taiwan with U.S. military forces

Should the U.S. send military forces to Taiwan if China attacks the island?

Military action in Mexico

Do you support using military force against drug cartels inside Mexico?

Mexican border wall

Should the U.S. build a physical wall between Mexico and the U.S.?

Military aid to Ukraine

Should the U.S. government continue to provide military aid to Ukraine (without putting U.S. soldiers on the ground)?

Limit firearms under age 21

Should the federal government limit certain firearm purchases to residents over age twenty-one?

"Military-style" firearms ban

Should the federal government ban certain "military-style" firearms, such as the AR-15?

Marijuana legalization across U.S.

Should the government legalize marijuana at the federal level?

Electric vehicle mandate for automakers

Do you support a federal rule that would oblige automakers to make 50% or more of the vehicles they sell electric?

Increase oil and natural gas leases on public land

Do you support increasing oil and natural gas leases on publicly owned land and water?

Support further Fed interest rate hikes

Should the federal government combat inflation by supporting further Federal Reserve interest rate hikes?

Decrease tariffs on imports

Should the federal government combat inflation by decreasing tariffs on imports from foreign countries?

Cap prices increases by large businesses

Should the federal government combat inflation by capping price increases by large businesses?

Budget cuts to match new spending

Should the federal government combat inflation by requiring budget cuts to match any new federal spending?

Raise taxes to reduce budget deficit

Should the federal government combat inflation by raising taxes to reduce the budget deficit?

Revise Jones Act

Should the federal government combat inflation by repealing or revising the Jones Act to allow more foreign involvement in shipping between U.S. ports?

Raise social security retirement age

Should the federal government reform Social Security by raising the retirement age from today's age of 67?

Means testing for social security

Should the federal government reform Social Security by requiring means testing?

Raise income cap for social security tax

Should the federal government reform social security by raising the cap on income subject to the Social Security tax?

Privatize social security

Should the federal government privatize some or all of Social Security?

Price negotiation on prescription drugs

Do you support allowing the federal government to negotiate lower prices for prescription drugs covered under Medicare?

Federal abortion ban

Should the federal government ban some abortions?

Federal right to abortion before 24 weeks

Should the federal government pass a law guaranteeing the right to choose abortion before fetal viability (generally 24 weeks gestation)?

Exclude transgender women from sports

Do you support revising Title IX to limit participation in female sports based on an individual's reproductive biology and genetics at birth?

Abolish federal departments

Do you support abolishing any federal agencies or departments?

Competency tests for older candidates

Do you support mandatory competency tests for federal candidates over age 75?

Pardon for Trump

Would you pardon former president Donald Trump if he is convicted?

Add U.S. term limits

Do you support a constitutional amendment limiting terms for U.S. representatives and senators?
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