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HB 1246 (2020)

Funding for long-term care related to coronavirus, other coronavirus policies and budgeting


Removes the requirement for hospitals to report "adherence rates of central line insertion practices" and "surgical antimicrobial prophylaxis." The Senate amended the bill to also require the Department of Health and Human Services to provide the legislature with monthly reports on any budget cuts over the next year. The amended bill also establishes a COVID-19 nursing home and long-term care fund, using $25 million of federal CARES Act funds, and directs $10 million of federal CARES Act funds to the child care scholarship program. The amended bill also directs the state to hire a contractor to conduct "an independent review of the COVID-19 situation in long-term care and nursing homes in New Hampshire." The amended bill then allows pharmacists to administer any COVID-19 vaccine. The amended bill also requires the governor to provide an online report of all CARES Act spending in a check register format. Lastly, the amended bill requires the Department of Health and Human Services to adopt rules for reimbursement of the costs of training nursing assistants.

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