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HB 1400 (2024)

Set up process to evict squatters, tax credit for office conversions, some changes to parking requirements


Prohibits zoning and planning regulations that set maximum residential parking spaces above one parking space per unit.

The Senate rewrote the bill. The Senate version of the bill allows zoning and planning regulations that require up to two residential parking spaces per unit. The Senate bill then sets up a process for "unauthorized occupancy evictions" (evicting squatters). Lastly, the Senate added the text of SB 538. Among other changes, that bill would establish a tax relief program to convert offices to residences. The House killed SB 538 in April 2024.

A conference committee of representatives and senators agreed to adopt a final version of the bill that is close to the Senate version. However, they compromised by setting a maximum requirement of 1.5 parking spaces per unit (with some exceptions).

Bill Sponsor:
Rebecca McWilliams
Democratic party logo
Public Hearing Date:
05/07/2024 09:30 am
Public Hearing Location:
SH Room 100
House Voting Date:
Senate Voting Date:
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