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HB 1639 (2020)


Requires the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to amend the income eligibility requirement for the Medically Needy optional eligibility group (also knows as the "Medicaid In & Out" population) to less than or equal to 133.33% of a federal income limit the Social Security Act. According to DHHS, this bill would increase the maximum protected income level under the In & Out program, resulting in more individuals enrolling in a managed care organization rather than continuing to participate in the fee-for-service In & Out program. The Senate amended the bill to incorporate many other health care-related bills, covering everything from long-term antibiotic therapy for tick-borne illness (similar to HB 1287) to prohibiting a health care provider or student from performing a pelvic examination on an anesthetized or unconscious female patient unless the patient gave informed consent (similar to SB 467).  The amended bill also allows pharmacists to administer a COVID-19 vaccine.

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