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HB 1711 (2024)

Report some mental health records to background check system


Establishes a system to report to the firearm background check system if a person is found not guilty by reason of insanity, not competent to stand trial, or involuntarily committed to a mental health facility. This bill also allows the court to order a person to surrender their firearms in these circumstances. This bill also establishes a process for a person to have their record removed from the background check system after six months, if they are no longer a danger to themselves or others.

The House added the text of this bill to SB 476, but the Senate rejected that addition.

Bill Sponsor:
Terry Roy
Republican party logo
Bill Became Law?:
Status Detail:
Tabled in the Senate
Public Hearing Date:
04/16/2024 02:00 pm
Public Hearing Location:
SH Room 100
House Voting Date:
Senate Voting Date:
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