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HB 233 (2023)

Increase use of thermal energy under Renewable Portfolio Standards


Allows for the verification of useful thermal energy under the electric Renewable Portfolio Standards by methods approved by the Department of Energy. According to the House Science, Technology and Energy Committee, "This bill lowers ratepayer costs for electricity by increasing the number of Class I thermal renewable energy certificates (TRECs) available for sale to utilities. Increasing TRECs allow utilities to avoid making more costly alternative compliance payments (ACPs), thus lowering their renewable portfolio standard (RPS) compliance costs. This bill creates more TRECs by removing the requirement for small wood burning boilers to install meters to verify that their fuel use equates to TREC-qualifying equivalent electrical energy. Many county, school, and municipal entities sell TRECs to reduce taxpayer costs."

Bill Sponsor:
Michael Vose
Bill Became Law?:
Status Detail:
Signed by Governor
Public Hearing Date:
03/28/2023 09:00 am
Public Hearing Location:
SH Room 103
House Voting Date:
Senate Voting Date:

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