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SB 14 (2023)

Regulate game cameras


Forbids a hunter from taking an animal within twenty-four hours of spotting the animal on a game camera. This bill also requires the owner of a game camera to get written permission from the property owner before placing a camera. The camera owner must also label the camera with name and contact information. Breaking the law would be a violation, with a fine up to $1,000.

The House amended the bill so that a hunter cannot take an animal on the same calendar day they see an animal on a camera. Hunters would still have to label the camera with contact information and get permission from the property owner to place a game camera. The amended bill lowers the fine to $125.

The House amended the bill to also reduce the penalty for a first-time drug possession offense to a misdemeanor. This is similar to HB 473.

A conference committee of representatives and senators failed to agree on a final version of the bill. However, game camera regulations were added to a different bill, HB 221.

Bill Sponsor:
David H. Watters
Democratic party logo
Bill Became Law?:
Status Detail:
Died in Conference Committee
Public Hearing Date:
05/17/2023 10:00 am
Public Hearing Location:
LOB Room 202-204
House Voting Date:
Senate Voting Date:
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