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Chris Bright is a businessman and U.S. Army veteran who lives in Derry, New Hampshire. He wrote on Facebook, "As a political outsider, small business owner, and combat veteran, I know what it's like to run a budget for a family of five, build a small business from scratch into a national company that was recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the country, and deploy in defense of my country and our ideals. I'll take that real life experience to Washington where it is so sorely needed."

Position on Issues

Candidate's Twitter Feed, 2023

"Rising costs are the biggest issue Americans are facing today, and it's a problem directly caused by Washington. It's well past time for DC politicians to cut back on the reckless spending, because this inflation is not sustainable for working families."

WMUR, 2023

"Both Ukraine and Israel, which is another one that folks are talking about, these are two countries that are really strong allies of the United States. And both of those countries didn't ask for what's happening to them right now. And I think that the beauty of the United States is that we are the strong country that can go and be the leader of the world to defeat evil."

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