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Position on Issues


"'I'm signing onto legislation that would create a public option on the exchange and also legislation that would lower the eligibility age for Medicare,' he said. 'I would like to see people that are near retirement age be able to buy in to the program.'"

Other, 2018

"Every candidate [including Chris Pappas] said they would vote to declassify marijuana from its current schedule 1 illegal drug status"

Candidate's Twitter Feed, 2018

"Americans repudiated divisiveness & partisanship in November, yet here we are on the verge of a #TrumpShutdown of the government over an absurd border wall that doesn't even have majority support. January can't come soon enough."

Candidate's Website, 2020

"In Congress, Chris is standing up for reproductive health care and family planning by:

"Opposing any legislative attempts to restrict access to reproductive health services or chip away at a woman’s right to choose"

Other, 2020

"But I think we do need a more robust debate around climate issues, including a proposal like a carbon tax. It's not an idea that I've signed on to at this point in time. But I think it needs to be part of the full discussion."

Candidate's Twitter Feed, 2020

"We must safeguard our democracy with expanded early voting and a no-excuse, vote-by-mail option that can be scaled up in such a crisis."

Candidate's Website, 2022

“The administration should not revoke Title 42 without developing the plans needed to protect the health and safety of the American people. The administration should be taking into account all possible impacts as they review their policies, and they should also provide Congress with a more definitive plan for how any changes will be implemented after the public health emergency and the national emergency are formally rescinded.”

Candidate's Website, 2022

"'I have continuously said that we should be taking every step possible to support Ukraine and punish Putin, and speeding the delivery of weapons systems and military assistance to Ukraine is essential,' said Congressman Chris Pappas. 'The passage of this legislation will deliver critical support to Ukraine as they defend their sovereignty, and I urge the President to sign it into law swiftly to ensure aid reaches Ukraine as soon as possible.'"

Candidate's Website, 2022

"Today, Congressman Chris Pappas (NH-01) helped pass H.R. 7910, the Protecting Our Kids Act, to help save lives and stop the epidemic of gun violence in our communities.

"'We are not powerless to improve public safety and stop gun violence. Our kids and families deserve to feel safe at school, at their place of worship, and the grocery store,' said Congressman Pappas. 'I called for these common-sense gun safety measures to come to the floor because they will save lives, and I’m proud to help pass them today. We must not turn our backs to this kind of senseless violence, and I hope the Senate will join us in passing measures that will save lives and keep our communities safe.'

"The Protecting Our Kids Act will reduce the number of and deadliness of mass shootings by raising the age to purchase a semi-automatic weapon from 18 to 21, banning the sale of large capacity magazines, gun trafficking, and straw purchases, and requiring firearms to be securely stored when minors may have access to them."

WMUR, 2022

"U.S. Rep. Chris Pappas’ office has confirmed that the first-term Democrat supports a controversial provision of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020 that would strip qualified immunity from police officers.

"Pappas said on WMUR’s 'CloseUP' program July 19 that he supported the George Floyd bill, which, he said 'would get rid of' qualified immunity."

Candidate's Website, 2022

"I’ve been pushing for legislation to crack down on price-gouging, provide a gas tax holiday, and lower prices at the pump," said Congressman Chris Pappas. "The last thing Granite Staters need right now is even higher prices at the gas pump, and we must use every resource available to bring down costs for our families and small businesses. It’s unacceptable that while Americans struggle to make ends meet gas and oil companies are taking advantage of international crises to make record profits. The price of crude oil fell last month, yet the prices consumers pay at the pump continued to rise. We have to put an end to this corporate profiteering and give families relief."

WMUR, 2022

"The program where New Hampshire families received checks as part of the enhanced child tax credit has come to an end.

"News 9 asked the state's congressional delegation about continuing the tax credit. ...

"Democrats U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and Rep. Annie Kuster, and Rep. Chris Pappas said they support efforts to extend the enhanced credit."

Candidate's Website, 2022

"For 48 years the right to choose has been the law of the land, and it is time that Congress protects that right and access to the full range of reproductive care. States are passing dangerous bans on abortion that harm patients and criminalize doctors, and anti-choice legislators are erecting barriers that are ever more onerous for women. This has even happened in my home state of New Hampshire where the legislature passed an abortion ban and forced ultrasounds for women seeking an abortion. If the Supreme Court won’t protect Roe, Congress must pass the Women’s Health Protection Act."

WMUR, 2022

"'I don't support term limits,' Pappas said. 'And I think that we have elections every two years here in New Hampshire. We're one of the most representative states, and an election is the best term limit you can ask for. What's interesting about the office I serve in, a member of Congress in New Hampshire's 1st District, we haven't had someone serving two consecutive terms since 2008, so it's been a while. I think there is a lot of power the people have in New Hampshire.'"
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