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Chris Sununu has historically identified as pro-choice, but has shown some openness to abortion restrictions. For example, in 2015 he voted against a state contract with Planned Parenthood.

Citizens Count Issue Survey, 2016

Should NH pursue expanded commuter rail?

"Commuter Rail into Nashua remains an option."

Citizens Count Issue Survey, 2016

Should NH limit terms for elected officials?

"I oppose term limits for NH elected officials."

Citizens Count Issue Survey, 2016

Should NH increase funding for heroin treatment programs?

"I support increased funding for heroin treatment programs."

Union Leader Voter Guide, 2014

"No. The Executive Council must apply the appropriate level of review, scrutiny, and due diligence to the hundreds of nominees that come before them each year. Typically that process involves direct interviews, review of references and work experience. In the rare cases where there are issues of impropriety it is incumbent on the Council to take swift and clear action to remedy the situation within the bounds of due process and the law."

Citizens Count Issue Survey, 2014

Should NH add an income tax on earned income?

"I support property taxes over a sales or income tax."

Citizens Count Issue Survey, 2014

Should NH add a broad-based sales tax?

"I support property taxes over a sales or income tax."


"Gov. Chris Sununu has said he would veto the budget if it contains a new capital gains tax."

Citizens Count Issue Survey, 2016

Should NH authorize one or more casinos?

"I support some casino gambling in New Hampshire."

Citizens Count Issue Survey, 2016

Should NH continue to base statewide assessments on Common Core standards?

"I oppose basing statewide assessments on Common Core standards."

Other, 2016

"Republican Gov.-elect Chris Sununu said in an interview with Seacoast Media Group this week that he currently supports decriminalization but not legalization"

Citizens Count Issue Survey, 2016

Should NH broaden campaign finance disclosure laws?

"I support broader campaign finance disclosure laws."

Candidate's Website, 2020

Gov. Sununu vetoed SB 124, a bill which would have revised the required minimum percentages of renewable energy in the Renewable Portfolio Standard, particularly to extend goals from 2025 to 2040. In his veto message he wrote, "This bill would counterproductively increase electricity rates while we are working to rebuild our economy. New Hampshire ratepayers are already burdened with some of the highest energy bills in the nation. This makes it hard both for businesses to expand and for residents on fixed incomes to pay their bills each month."

Candidate's Website, 2015

"Comprehensive education reform is needed to insure that every family has the same opportunity to maximize their student's potential in our schools. Empowering parents and teachers, and getting Washington bureaucrats out of New Hampshire's classrooms. Unrestricted school choice. Increased funding for our charter schools."

Citizens Count Issue Survey, 2016

Should NH increase law enforcement policies and penalties for heroin-related offenses?

"I support increased law enforcement policies and penalties for heroin-related offenses."

Candidate's Website, 2020

Gov. Sununu vetoed HB 1672, which would have allowed no-excuse absentee voting for all.  In his veto message he wrote, "The State of New Hampshire has ensured that our upcoming elections will be secure and our voters safe in these trying times. We have made it clear that any eligible voter who wishes to vote absentee because of the pandemic may do so. ... New Hampshire's voting system works very well and we consistently have some of the highest voter participation in the country. The proponents of House Bill 1672 seek to take advantage of a global pandemic to fundamentally and permanently weaken New Hampshire's electoral system. They have put forward a partisan wish list of unreasonable and unnecessary provisions, some of which have already been vetoed and sustained last year. New Hampshire takes pride in our traditions of strong civic engagement and fair, transparent, and secure elections. Our Democratic Secretary of State, who has served our state faithfully for over 40 years, opposes this radical, partisan piece of legislation and so do I."

Citizens Count Issue Survey, 2016

Should NH legalize the recreational use of marijuana?

"I oppose marijuana legalization."

Voting Record, 2018

Chris Sununu signed SB 313, which continues expanded Medicaid eligibility, using the traditional Medicaid system of managed care instead of private insurance.

Citizens Count Issue Survey, 2016

Was NH right to expand Medicaid eligibility, using private insurance wherever possible?

"I support NH's expanded Medicaid program."

Other, 2016

"I am open to a responsible increase in the federal minimum wage, provided there is a strong economic and moral case for it. I am opposed to establishing a state minimum wage."

Other, 2018

"As governor, I have already allocated $410,000 for New Hampshire's student loan repayment program for healthcare workers. Our most acute workforce needs are in healthcare, and I am working with the Community College System and University System to expand access and offering of nursing programs, creating on-ramps and off-ramps for individuals to continue their education and training on their own terms. I do not support using the unemployment trust fund for new workforce programs. My administration is working with private enterprise to leverage their expertise in innovating around existing government programs."

Citizens Count Issue Survey, 2016

Should NH do more to enforce federal immigration laws?

"I support increased state enforcement of federal immigration laws."


  1. Immediate action on the opioid crisis
  2. Development of a viable long term energy plan
  3. Restoring local control of education
  4. Restoring increased competition in healthcare choices for NH

Candidate's Website, 2020

Gov. Sununu has vetoed several bills to expand net metering eligibility. For example, in the veto message for HB 466 he wrote, "As amended, this bill increases subsidies to a select few existing generators. These systems were already built and financed under the current net metering subsidies. Increasing the threshold for these subsidies after construction is complete is both wasteful and unnecessary. Because this new subsidy would be extended to new generators as well, the total costs to ratepayers would continue to escalate over time. In simple terms, it is a handout to those already profiting at the expense of ratepayers across New Hampshire, including those who can least afford to bear the costs of higher energy bills."

Other, 2018

"I would not repeal or pull back the job-creating business tax cuts I signed into law last year. Tax relief is working for New Hampshire. More people are working than ever before in our state's history, we have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country and the highest median income in America. Repealing these tax cuts would send us in the wrong direction.

"I fought tirelessly to ensure that New Hampshire's small businesses would not be forced to collect internet sales tax by drafting legislation and calling the Legislature back for a special session. While a majority of the Democrats in the Legislature voted against the final bill, I will not stop fighting for our small businesses. We must protect the New Hampshire advantage."

Other, 2016

"I support keeping New Hampshire's death penalty law intact."

Citizens Count Issue Survey, 2016

Should NH allow the Northern Pass to proceed with some (not all) of the lines buried?

"I support Northern Pass but the final plan will have to be reviewed."

Candidate's Website, 2019

"Today, Governor Chris Sununu and Senator Jeb Bradley announced new voluntary paid leave legislation that, if enacted, will empower individuals and businesses to make the voluntary choice to opt-in. This legislation addresses the legislature's concerns about the paid leave legislation proposed by Governor Sununu last year while also addressing the Governor's concerns regarding the use of an income tax to fund the legislature's proposed program. 'I support paid family leave and have a plan to get it done,' said Governor Chris Sununu. 'Instead of government mandates that would impose an income tax, this is a truly voluntary, innovative plan that would deliver for New Hampshire families. I urge the legislature to support this voluntary paid leave plan, because it’s the best shot at providing a paid leave plan that does not have administrative barriers or burdens, is available to all who want it, and is forced upon no one who does not.'"

Citizens Count Issue Survey, 2016

Should NH continue to use property taxes instead of a new broad-based tax, such as an income tax?

"I support property taxes over a sales or income tax."

Other, 2017

Gov. Sununu has voiced support for the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative over time.  For example, in 2017 he said, "We have to make sure we stay competitive, both economically socially and environmentally. We understand what the goals of the program are. So, given the program and where we are today, I’m very happy with the deal that’s been struck."

Other, 2018

"I believe in the power of the market to make newer technologies price competitive without long term subsidies, and as seen in New Hampshire, the market continues to drive the expansion of renewable energy. As stated in my 10 Year State Energy strategy, subsidies should be specific, time sensitive and technology neutral. While the PUC does allow for utilities to recover project costs through rates, we need to be sure the project is done right, in the New Hampshire way, and that we have protections in place to ensure the ratepayer isn't overly exposed. We should never place that risk solely on the ratepayer, especially without proper due-diligence."

Citizens Count Issue Survey, 2016

What is your opinion on the state providing some funding for Planned Parenthood?

"I don't pre-judge state contracts. I'll keep an open mind to review the contract details when presented."

Other, 2018

Sununu has put forward a proposal that would use a public-private partnership, starting with state employees, for an opt-in family and medical leave program. "While I support the concept of paid family and medical leave, I will not support an unsustainable program or one that would effectively create a backdoor income tax, such as the one proposed [in 2018]."

Candidate's Facebook Page, 2020

Gov. Sununu has described the Democrats' proposal for statewide, mandatory family and medical leave as an income tax. I just vetoed the Democrats Income Tax for the second time in two years. Whether one characterizes it as a 'premium on wages' or a 'payroll deduction' the reality remains that if it looks like an income tax, functions like an income tax, & takes more money out of the paychecks of hard working taxpayers like an income tax, then it is an income tax."

Citizens Count Issue Survey, 2016

Should NH pass stricter gun control laws?

"I oppose stricter gun control laws."

Candidate's Website, 2019

Gov. Sununu proposed a student debt relief program for certain New Hampshire industries.  According to his press release, "If enacted, Governor Sununu’s student debt assistance plan will help students by reallocating $160 million over the next ten years to provide student debt-relief and direct scholarships. The legislation makes student debt relief available to eligible individuals who have worked in critical New Hampshire industries for a minimum of five years. The direct scholarships would be awarded according to existing criteria. ... Our plan is the compromise we proposed during budget negotiations. Under the legislation, annual funds will be available to those who work in healthcare, state government, and advanced regenerative manufacturing in New Hampshire for a minimum of five years. An additional allotment will be invested annually in a direct student scholarship program. The legislation is funded by the surplus annual administrative fees stemming from the State's 529 college savings plans."

Candidate's Website, 2019

Gov. Sununu endorsed an affordable housing plan that included expanded use of TIF districts and the Community Revitalization Tax Relief Program, among other incentives.

Voting Record, 2018

Chris Sununu supported SB 193, a bill that would have created "education savings accounts" similar to a school voucher program. Gov. Sununu wrote in a press release: "Today, the House listened to parents across the Granite State. Our legislature has signaled to families that we are focused on the kids, giving parents and children the ability to choose the education path that is best suited for them. This is the first step in ensuring that New Hampshire's education system continues to be on the forefront of innovation, closing the opportunity gap and opening pathways like never before, regardless of economic status. I applaud the House of Representatives for reaching a compromise that puts New Hampshire families first. We will continue to champion this groundbreaking legislation and will work with members of the Senate as this bill moves through the process and reaches my desk."

Citizens Count Issue Survey, 2016

Should parents be allowed to opt their children out of the NH immunization/vaccination registry?

"Parents should be allowed to opt their children out of the NH immunization/vaccination registry."

Voting Record, 2018

Chris Sununu signed HB 1264, which requires all voters domiciled in New Hampshire to follow residency laws, such as the requirement to register any car in New Hampshire.

Citizens Count Issue Survey, 2016

Should NH restrict further wind power development?

"It depends on the restriction."

Union Leader Voter Guide, 2014

"In 2011 the Executive Council approved by a 3-2 vote the taxpayers funding of $3.34 million to build the largest solar power array in the state at Manchester Airport. This project represented pure government largess and should have never been approved. With only a $100,000 per year payback it lacked any financial reasoning. It had a minimal reduction of air emissions at the power plant, not even at the airport. And finally we live in New Hampshire where solar efficiency is minimal. Bad idea."

Voting Record

SB 500 (2018)

Removes the prohibition of carrying a loaded rifle or shotgun in or on a stationary motor vehicle, OHRV, snowmobile, or aircraft. This bill also changes some legal references to firearms, and allows licensed bow hunters to carry firearms. Lastly, this bill removes the ability to deny or revoke a hunting license if a person "is not a suitable person to carry firearms." The Senate amended the bill to also allow carrying a loaded firearm on a moving vehicle if the person is protecting livestock or crops. The Senate amendment also allows hunting with an air rifle.

HB 1264 (2018)

Redefines "resident" and "inhabitant" to remove the phrase "for the indefinite future." This bill would potentially require all voters domiciled in New Hampshire to follow residency laws, such as the requirement to register any car in New Hampshire.

HB 1319 (2018)

Prohibits discrimination based on gender identity.

SB 313 (2018)

Continues New Hampshire's expanded Medicaid program. This bill makes several significant changes to the program. First, it moves participants off private insurance and into managed care, similar to traditional Medicaid enrollees. Second, it adds a work requirement for participants. Third, it removes funding from voluntary contributions by health care providers, which the federal government said is illegal.

SB 593 (2018)

Changes the penalty for any offense eligible for the death penalty to life imprisonment without parole.

HB 144 (2017)

Changes the annual county budget procedures for Rockingham County to match those used in Hillsborough County. Since the House failed to pass the 2018-2019 budget bill HB 1, the Senate amended this bill into a new budget bill.

HB 157 (2017)

Adds chronic pain to the qualifying medical conditions for medical marijuana.

HB 103 (2017)

Requires school districts to provide advance notice to parents and legal guardians of course material involving discussion of human sexuality or human sexual education.

SB 12 (2017)

Increases the length of time for which a license to carry a concealed firearm is valid, and repeals the requirement to obtain a license to carry a concealed firearm.

SB 66 (2017)

Includes fetuses as potential victims under murder statutes. The Senate amended the bill to include only fetuses twenty weeks and older, not just "viable" fetuses.

SB 10 (2017)

Creates a program to repay licensed milk producers from losses during the 2016 drought. The bill appropriates $2 million to the Milk Producers Emergency Relief Fund.

HB 587 (2017)

Prohibits conversion therapy for anyone under age eighteen. Conversion therapy attempts to change a person's sexual orientation.

SB 131 (2017)

Appropriates $1,155,000 to hire five state troopers assigned to drug enforcement on the state border. This bill also appropriates $3,340,000 for state and local law enforcement and the state lab for overtime related to drug enforcement.

SB 3 (2017)

Changes the definition of domicile for voting purposes to make it more restrictive. This bill explicitly excludes anyone who comes to the state "for temporary purposes," such as volunteering or working on political campaigns. Out-of-state college students are still allowed to claim a domicile in New Hampshire. However, if someone moves to a new New Hampshire address within 30 days of voting, he or she must present proof of intent to stay in New Hampshire. This proof could include a lease, driver's license, a child's enrollment at a public school, etc.

SB 8 (2017)

Allows a school district to assign a child to a non-sectarian private school if there is no public school for the child's grade in the child's resident district. The bill was amended to also require the non-sectarian private school to administer an annual assessment.

HB 640 (2017)

Decriminalizes possession of 3/4 ounce or less of marijuana, with additional penalties for violators under age twenty-one.

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