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Margaret "Maggie" Hassan

Margaret Maggie Hassan photo
324 Hart Senate Office Building
      Washington, DC 20510

324 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
United States


Serving as: US Senate

Voting Record

H R 1319 (2021)

"American Rescue Plan Act," providing funding related to COVID-19 as well as other priorities. For example, this bill provides for emergency rental assistance, raises the minimum wage to $15 per hour, provides one-time $1,400 payments to individuals, etc.  The Senate removed the $15 minimum wage increase, due in part to concerns this would violate budget process laws.

H R 3684 (2021)

Bipartisan federal infrastructure investment bill, covering highways, water infrastructure, broadband, passenger rail, electric vehicle charging stations, and more.

H R 4346 (2022)
Supplemental funding for U.S. marshals and other officers to protect the Supreme Court, its justices, and staff.
H R 5376 (2022)

This is a new version of the 2021 "Build Back Better" bill, which failed to pass. Among other things, this bill creates a minimum corporate tax rate of 15%, allows Medicare to negotiate the price of certain prescription drugs, and includes many investments in clean energy and energy efficiency.

H R 5746 (2021)

Implements certain election procedures across the states, such as automatic and same-day registration, vote-by-mail, and early voting. This bill also increases federal oversight of state voting laws.

H Res 24 (2021)

House impeachment charging President Trump with a pattern of "efforts to subvert and obstruct" the completion of the 2020 election and "inciting violence," referring to the January 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

S 2938 (2022)
Contains various gun control measures, including extended background checks for gun purchasers under 21, funding for state red flag laws, and partial closure of the boyfriend loophole.
S J Res 63 (2022)

Ends the national emergency concerning COVID-19 declared by the President on March 13, 2020.

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Position on Issues

Candidate's Website, 2019

"As Senator, Maggie will stand up to those trying to turn Medicare into a voucher program, and she will fight any attempt to privatize or cut Social Security. She will also work to enhance Social Security by ensuring that caregivers can get credit toward their Social Security benefits when they take time off or reduce working hours to care for family members."

Candidate's Website, 2019

"The Senator is fighting to protect and strengthen the long-term viability of Social Security and Medicare. She strongly opposes any attempt to privatize Medicare, turn Medicare into a voucher program, or increase the Medicare eligibility age. The Senator will also stand up against attempts to privatize or cut Social Security or raise the retirement age."

Candidate's Website, 2019

"Students who choose to pursue higher education too often find themselves burdened by massive amounts of student debt, which can affect the choices that they make about their future - from where to work and live, to whether to pursue an advanced degree. To help relieve this burden, Senator Hassan is working to reduce interest rates for borrowers by allowing those with outstanding student debt to refinance their student loans. She is also working to expand the reach of federal student aid dollars, including allowing Pell Grants to be used for short-term job training programs and increasing the maximum Pell Grant."

Candidate's Website, 2019

"As a member of the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, the Senator is focused on strengthening our transportation infrastructure to ensure that it meets the needs of a 21st century economy. Senator Hassan is fighting to protect federal funding for the successful TIGER grant and TIFIA loan programs, which have supported critical transportation infrastructure projects across New Hampshire."

Other, 2015

Hassan has not taken a position on the enforcement of federal marijuana laws. However, as governor she repeatedly opposed marijuana decriminalization and legalization. "What I hear from law enforcement about this debate is they worry that this gives a message to young people that it's not harmful, and it really is harmful," she said.

Candidate's Website, 2016

"Maggie believes that it's unacceptable that politicians in Washington are still playing politics with women's health. In the Senate, Maggie will fight to protect a woman's right to make her own health decisions and to safely and affordably access health care. That means standing up to those seeking to defund Planned Parenthood, protecting health coverage that includes contraception, supporting efforts to make reproductive health services more affordable and accessible and fighting against efforts to undermine Roe v. Wade."

Candidate's Website, 2016

"The Governor also believes we must act now to prevent mass shootings and daily gun violence from becoming the new normal. She stood with members of law enforcement by vetoing a measure that would have allowed individuals to carry a concealed weapon without even having a license, and she supported efforts to update New Hampshire's background check system with information about individuals who should not be sold firearms due to serious mental illness. In the Senate, she will fight to strengthen the background check system and to close loopholes that allow terrorists, criminals and the dangerously mentally ill to purchase guns."

Other, 2016

"Hassan said she would push to raise the federal minimum wage, but she declined to give a specific number. 'We should look at the possibility of a federal standard. The one caution I have is that different states have different economies,' she said. 'The exact number there is something I think we should review carefully.'"

Citizens Count Issue Survey, 2022

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