Where do candidates stand on gun laws?

Apr 02, 2018

BY: Citizens Count

In light of the current debate over gun laws, particularly as they relate to school violence, here is a summary of where all the New Hampshire congressional candidates stand on gun laws.  Click on any name to see our full profile of that candidate.

District 1 – Democrats

Rep. Mark MacKenzie

MacKenzie does not have a statement about gun laws on his website, but he supported student walk-outs to protest gun violence.  He also voted for a 2017 bill that would have required all firearm transfers to take place through licensed dealers (who must perform background checks).

Deglan McEachern

“We need to make it illegal to obtain guns like the AR-15. We need to ban high capacity magazines. We need to close loopholes that allow guns to be purchased without a background check. But we also need to address the mental health crisis in our country. Healthy people don’t use weapons of war to kill school children. If we change how easy it is to kill each other, and the reasons our neighbors choose to do so, we can make a difference.” - Candidate’s Facebook page

Rep. Mindi Messmer

“As a bold progressive, I pledge #NoNRAMoney and call on #NH01 candidates to do the same. I will fight to pass an assault weapons ban. All NH corporations with NRA relationships take a stand and cut ties with them to send a message that we won't tolerate any more violence.” - Candidate’s Facebook page

Terence O’Rourke

“America has totally lost its culture of responsible gun ownership. There are two steps that should be taken immediately in reaction to this bloodshed. First, we must close the ‘Gun Show Loophole’ by requiring background checks for all weapons purchases even those conducted between private citizens. As a former federal prosecutor, I know first hand that the Gun Show Loophole is big enough to foster an entire illicit gun distribution network. Second, Congress must overturn the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA). The PLCAA shields weapons manufacturers from liability when their products have been used to commit crimes.” - Candidate’s website

Executive Councilor Chris Pappas

“Enough. Today it's a high school in Florida, and my thoughts go out to the victims' families after this latest mass shooting. We shouldn't have to wait until the next election for Congress to get the message that inaction is costing American lives.” - Candidate’s Facebook page

Levi Sanders

“It is unacceptable that we haven’t found the political courage to pass sensible gun legislation.” - Candidate’s website

Lincoln Soldati

On his website Soldati pledges support for many gun control policies, including increasing the legal age of purchasing a rifle to 21, banning bump stocks, closing background check “loopholes,” and banning assault weapons.

Maura Sullivan

“As a Marine Veteran I can speak from experience in saying that the weapons we used in Iraq have no place on the streets of Manchester. We have clear-cut processes for weapons in the military...and process works. We should be able to respect the 2nd Amendment while having a process that ensures getting a gun isn’t easier than getting a driver’s license. It’s long past time to improve gun safety.” - Candidate’s Facebook page

District 1 – Republicans

Eddie Edwards

“The federal government should not expand background checks for firearms sales.” - Response to LFDA Issue Survey

Mark Hounsell

“'Shall not be infringed' means just that. Without a change in our US Constitution gun laws must be minimal.” - Response to LFDA Issue Survey

Sen. Andy Sanborn

After an error on Legiscan.com listed Sanborn as a co-sponsor of a bumpstock ban, Sanborn posted on Facebook: “I have a proven record of supporting the 2nd Amendment (and your other rights for that matter!). Sad Legiscan got this one wrong.”

District 2 – Democrats

Rep. Annie Kuster

“Students deserve to feel safe in school. We need common sense reforms including the requirement that all firearm sales be subject to background checks. I will continue to advocate for responsible gun laws while protecting the Second Amendment.” - Candidate’s Facebook page

District 2 – Republicans

Brian Belanger

We could not find a position from Belanger on gun laws, and he did not respond to our issue survey.

Lynne Blankenbeker

“The federal government should not expand background checks for firearms sales.” - LFDA Issue Survey

Stewart Levenson

“The system is broken. They don’t do the background checks that are already required.” - LFDA Issue Survey

Jay Mercer

We could not find a position from Belanger on gun laws, and he did not respond to our issue survey.

Rep. Steve Negron

Negron does not have a statement about gun laws on his website or Facebook page, but he has voted to loosen gun laws in New Hampshire.  For example, in 2017 he voted to repeal the license requirement to carry a concealed firearm.

District 2 – Libertarians

Justin O’Donnell

“If elected, I will sponsor and work diligently to pass legislation to repeal all federal laws that abridge an individual’s right of self-defense, and protect the rights of all granite staters to exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights as protected by The Constitution.” - Candidate’s Facebook page


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