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HB 1494 (2020)


Establishes a $100,000 death benefit for a municipal or state public works heavy equipment operator killed in the line of duty. The Senate amended the bill to include provisions from many other labor-related bills.  First, the Senate amendment repeals the length of time the presumption of heart or lung disease is occupationally related for firefighters (similar to HB 1113).  The amendment also requires public employers to provide employees with at least the level of protection provided under the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act, and establishes an occupational safety and health advisory board (similar to HB 1171).  The amended bill also requires the Public Employee Labor Relations Board to certify an employee organization which receives a majority written authorization for the purpose of collective bargaining (similar to SB 448).  Lastly, the amended bill provides that an individual bargaining unit may negotiate wages, terms, and conditions specific to that bargaining unit and that an individual bargaining unit shall not be forced into impasse proceedings by the declaration of impasse by another bargaining unit (similar to SB 417).  

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