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SB 130 (2021)

Let parents receive state school funding for private/home school


Establishes "education freedom" accounts. The program allows the parent of a school age child to receive funds from a scholarship organization to pay for education expenses. Once a parent contracts with a scholarship organization, the state must transfer funds to the parent's account equal to per-pupil state education funding. 

The Senate amended the bill to add eligibility requirements for students and education service providers.  For example,  the student's annual household income must be less than or equal to 300% of the federal poverty guidelines.  Education service providers must comply with all state and federal anti-discrimination laws.

The Senate also amended the bill to phase out the per-pupil state education funding that would follow the student.  In the first year a public school would still get 50% of the per-pupil state education funding it would usually receive for these students; in the second year the public school would receive 25%.

Bill Sponsor:
Jeb Bradley
Republican party logo
Bill Became Law?:
Status Detail:
Tabled in the Senate
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