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New Hampshire legislators have requested hundreds of bills for 2021. The legislature has yet to publish all of the bill texts. Citizens Count will continue to add bills to this page as their text is released. Our analysts read every single bill and summarize it in plain language so you can easily discover what's really up for debate. Interested in testifying for or against a bill this year? Read our tutorial.

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Bill Number Became Law? Description
HB 174 (2021) Active Require drivers to report hitting a cat
HB 175 (2021) No

Requires the Department of Safety to accept driver education courses…

HB 176 (2021) Active Allow take-out wine and mixed drinks
HB 177 (2021) No No landfills near state parks
HB 178 (2021) Yes

Amends various provisions of the adult parole process. For example,…

HB 179 (2021) Active Longer sentence for negligent homicide if past DUIs
HB 180 (2021) Active Stricter penalty for paying for sexual contact with a human trafficked child
HB 181 (2021) No

Allows a city to vote on accepting a sports book retail location at the…

HB 182 (2021) Active

Requires the principal or other administrator of a high school to grant…

HB 183 (2021) Active

Prohibits a city, town, or village district from licensing or…

HB 184 (2021) No

Prohibits the operation of personal water craft within 300 feet of any…

HB 185 (2021) No Remove Medicaid work requirements
HB 186 (2021) No

Repeals certain inactive committees and revises the membership and…

HB 187 (2021) Active More legislative oversight of DHHS orders during a public health emergency
HB 188 (2021) No Right to free counsel for juveniles, no juvenile confessions without counsel present
HB 189 (2021) No Allow 3 accessory dwelling units per single-family home
HB 190 (2021) Yes

Requires that the ethics financial disclosure form for legislators only…

HB 191 (2021) Active Adds requirements for prior authorizations under managed care health…
HB 192 (2021) Yes More types of pistols allowed for deer hunting
HB 193 (2021) Yes

Provides that any person who negligently or recklessly causes timber to…

HB 194 (2021) Yes Student testing data privacy changes
HB 195 (2021) Active Displaying a firearm exception from reckless conduct
HB 196 (2021) Active Make it legal to display firearm to warn off trespassers, property damage
HB 197 (2021) Active Allow deadly force defending a person in a vehicle
HB 198 (2021) Active Restrict high school sports teams to biological sex at birth
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