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Voting Record, 2012

Voted to prohibit abortion after twenty weeks gestation (HB 1660)

Voting Record, 2012

Voted to prohibit abortion after twenty weeks gestation (HB 1660)

Other, 2016

Tregenza signed the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers 2016 pledge, which states, "I, the above signatory, pledge that if I am elected to any statewide office, I will oppose all efforts to impose a sales, income, or other broadbased tax on the taxpayers of the State of New Hampshire."

Voting Record, 2012

Voted to decriminalize marijuana (HB 1526)

Voting Record, 2012

Voted to prohibit abortion after twenty weeks gestation (HB 1660)

Voting Record, 2012

Voted to limit welfare restrictions for parents who have additional children while receiving welfare benefits (HB 1658)

Voting Record, 2012

Voted for Right-to-Work (HB 1677)

Voting Record, 2011

Voted to allow concealed carry without a license (HB 330)

Voting Record

HB 1679 (2012)

Prohibits partial birth abortions and abortions in the third trimester.

HB 1511 (2012)

Removes the prohibition on convicted felons possessing certain weapons for self-defense.

HB 1383 (2012)

States that only United States citizens may receive in-state tuition at the University of New Hampshire.

HB 1413 (2012)

Directs New Hampshire to withdraw from the No Child Left Behind federal education program.

HB 1666 (2012)

Requires legislative approval of any collective bargaining agreement entered into by the state.

SB 372 (2012)

Establishes a tax credit for businesses that contribute to a scholarship fund for students who wish to attend private, parochial, or home schools.

SB 289 (2012)

Requires voters to present identification at polling places.

SB 286 (2012)

Establishes a prescription drug monitoring program funded entirely through "grants, gifts, or user contributions."

HB 1654 (2012)

Authorizes earned time credits for inmates participating in rehabilitative programming.

HB 1676 (2012)

Establishes a pilot program to provide public financing for eligible candidates for state senator.

HB 1667 (2012)

Raises the threshold between juvenile and adult offenders from seventeen to eighteen years-old.

HB 1492 (2012)

Requires public employers to verify an employee's eligibility to work in the United States.

HB 1677 (2012)

Right-to-Work bill that prohibits collective bargaining agreements that require employees to join or contribute to a labor union.

HB 1526 (2012)

Decriminalizes possession of 1/2 ounce or less of marijuana, with additional penalties for violators under age twenty-one.

HB 1560 (2012)

Establishes the interstate Health Care Compact, which provides that each member state shall have the authority to enact state laws that trump all federal laws regarding health care within its state.

HB 1658 (2012)

Limits financial assistance for mothers who have additional children while receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). The House and Senate amended the bill to instead establish an income and identity verification system for public assistance recipients.

SB 409 (2012)

Allows medicinal marijuana through home growing.

HB 1487 (2012)

Requires legislative approval for the expenditure of funds involving New Hampshire in any low carbon fuel standards program, such as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).

SB 295 (2012)

Increases the Research and Development tax credit.

HB 1659 (2012)

"Women's Right to Know Act," mandating that women considering an abortion receive "complete and accurate information on abortion and its alternatives."

HB 1660 (2012)

Prohibits abortions beyond 20 weeks gestation.

HB 648 (2012)

Forbids the use of eminent domain for regional electricity projects when costs and benefits cannot be shared across the ISO - New England network.

HB 1405 (2012)

Allows local governments to establish moratoriums on refugee resettlement.

HB 330 (2011)

Repeals the requirement to obtain a license to carry a concealed firearm.

HB 1264 (2012)

Establishes a religious exemption for individuals who do not wish to provide accommodations, goods, or services for same-sex marriages.

HB 1650 (2012)

Exempts foodstuffs grown or produced and then sold in New Hampshire from federal regulation.

HB 1705 (2012)

Legalizes and taxes marijuana for adults over age twenty-one.

HB 1595 (2012)

Limits primary elections to voters who have registered as party members.

HB 1482 (2012)

Limits the exemption from property taxation granted to charitable nonprofit hospitals only to the main campus of the hospital.

HB 592 (2012)

Redistricts the House of Representatives.

HCR 42 (2012)

Expresses support for preserving the Electoral College.

HB 218 (2011)

Repeals the New Hampshire Rail Transit Auhority (NHRTA).

HB 569 (2011)

Establishes "domestic unions" as an alternative to marriage.

HR 9 (2011)

Resolution expressing support for earmarks for law enforcement.

HCR 23 (2011)

Urges congressional earmarks for the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.

SB 27 (2011)

Raises the speed limit in some areas of Lake Winnipesaukee.

HB 113 (2011)

Prohibits the use of state funds for New Hampshire Public Television (NHPTV).

HB 370 (2011)

Reverses the expanded definition of bullying in the Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention Act.

SB 52 (2011)

Repeals early release programs for inmates convicted of violent crimes.

HB 340 (2011)

Exempts parents from the education property tax if their children are not enrolled in public school.

HB 176 (2011)

Changes the definition of "domicile" for voting purposes so that out-of-state students can not claim domicile in New Hampshire.

HB 631 (2011)

Repeals the requirement that school districts offer public kindergarten.

SB 1 (2011)

Eliminates "evergreen clauses" in public contracts.

SB 88 (2011)

Expands the use of deadly force, adding "Stand Your Ground" to the "Castle Doctrine." Under this bill victims could use deadly force without retreating, anywhere the victim has the right to be.

HB 109 (2011)

Prohibits local planning boards from requiring sprinklers as a condition for a local permit.

SB 57 (2011)

Makes various revisions to title loan regulations.

HB 329 (2011)

Requires parental notification prior to a minor's abortion.

HB 474 (2011)

Right-to-Work bill that prohibits collective bargaining agreements that require employees to join or contribute to a labor union.

HB 133 (2011)

Ties the New Hampshire minimum wage to the federal minimum wage.

HB 519 (2011)

Repeals the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), New Hampshire's cap-and-trade program.

SB 3 (2011)

Makes various changes to the state retirement system, such as raising retirement ages and increasing member contributions.

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