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NH House Hillsborough County District 45

This district is one of the 204 voting districts represented in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. There is one state representative for roughly every 3,400 people in the Granite State.
Who Is Represented

Represents Manchester (Wards 10,11,12).

Number of seats: 2
Number of seats: 1

2022 NH House General Election

Voting Date:

Karen Calabro
Karen E. Calabro   
"Primary care and addiction medicine to the homeless with over three decades experience as professional chef with classical education, community organizer with philanthropic community groups (HB Cucumber group, Hollis Woman’s Club), NH ECHO contributor (opioid reduction strategies), American Culinary Federation"
Colton Skorupan
Colton Skorupan   

Former military officer (USAF)

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