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HB 610 (2021)

Housing Conservation Planning Program, require accommodations for pregnant employees, require space and breaks for breastfeeding employees, other banking laws


Makes various legal changes requested by the Banking Department, from background investigations for trust executive officers to minimum interest rates.

The Senate amended the bill to also establish the New Hampshire Housing and Conservation Planning Program to "provide technical assistance matching grants to municipalities to plan for growth and development in a manner that permits a balanced housing stock, including higher density and workforce housing opportunities, and promotes, whenever possible the reuse of existing buildings, including historic properties, while protecting communities’ natural resources through more efficient and compact development."  This is similar to part of SB 86.

The Senate also amended the bill to require an employer to provide "reasonable accommodations" to an employee related to the employee's pregnancy or childbirth (similar to SB 68) and require employers with 6 or more employees to provide access to a sufficient space and a reasonable break period for nursing mothers to express milk during working hours (similar to SB 69).

Lastly, the Senate amended the bill to require individual and group insurers to reimburse a primary care physician for the treatment of mental health and substance use disorders provided through the psychiatric collaborative care model. This is similar to SB 59.

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