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NH Senate District 05

This district is one of the 24 voting districts represented in the New Hampshire Senate. Each district elects a single senator, meaning there is one state senator for roughly every 57,000 New Hampshire residents.
Who Is Represented

Represents portions of Grafton and Sullivan Counties, including the following cities and towns: Canaan, Charlestown, Claremont, Cornish, Enfield, Hanover, Lebanon, Lyme, and Plainfield.

Number of seats: 1

2022 NH Senate Primary

Voting Date:

Suzanne M. Prentiss
Suzanne M. Prentiss  (incumbent)

Senator, NH Senate (2020 - present); Lebanon City Councilor (6 terms); former Mayor, Lebanon (2 terms); former Chief of EMS, NH Department of Safety

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John McIntyre   
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