Resources for NH residents during COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic

There is currently a worldwide outbreak of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), a respiratory illness.

Scroll down the page for an interactive map and charts of COVID-19 cases in New Hampshire, courtesy of WMUR.  The following links provide more in-depth information.

NH policy responses to coronavirus

This article provides a list of all the policy changes New Hampshire has made during the state of emergency, from closing schools to expanding unemployment benefits.

How far do the NH governor’s powers go in an emergency?

This article summarizes what the New Hampshire government can and cannot do during a state of emergency. For example, the governor cannot take private property intended for individual or familial use.

NH Department of Health and Human Services COVID-19 Website

This state government website pulls together all the official Granite State information about COVID-19. The website shows the number of New Hampshire residents who have tested positive and their location, provides guidance for residents, and shows all press releases.

Federal Coronavirus Task Force

This federal website provides the latest health guidance for U.S. citizens as well as specific information for businesses, schools, and more.

Granite State News Collaborative

The Granite State News Collaborative is a collective of more than 20 New Hampshire-based media, educational, and nonpartisan community organizations. The group has agreed to work together to share coronavirus coverage in order to help inform communities across the state.


New Hampshire Public Radio has a live coronavirus blog, a coronavirus FAQ, and more. They have also livestreamed most of the governor’s press conferences.


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