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Our members come from across the state—and beyond— as well as from all sides of the political spectrum. They have different opinions on the issues but agree on their support for our mission of making citizen engagement easier. The names below are a selection of the thousands who have joined us.

Membership is free and helps support our work to inspire NH citizens to make a difference. Join today.

Christopher Chesna
Hudson, NH
Jon LeClair
Charlestown , NH
Brandon Abare
Gilmanton, NH
Ed Robbins
Sandown, NH
Donna Miller
Chesterfield, NH
James Cartwright
Shabria Bently
Mebane, NC
Eileen McCarthy
Concord, NH
Robert Lafond
Manchester, NH
Tom Roedell
Concord, NH
Stephanie Spaulding
Newbury, NH
Gail Andersen
East , NH
Cathy L Fulkerson
Twin Mountain , NH
Ryan Hale
Amherst, NH
Monita Chhun
longview, WA
Lee Johnson
New ipswich, NH
Rease Tyrone
Bailey, NC
Amanda Holden
Hayden, CO
David Martin
Chester, NH
John Johnston
Martinsville, VA
Raymond Lefebvre
Rochester, NH
Richard Noonan
Intervale, NH
Lisa Wahl
Manchester, NH
Brenda Douglas
Litchfield, NH
Cora-Lynn Hoppe
Sena Geleta
Silver Spring MD, MD
Ninepound Hammer
Hudson, NH
Christopher Wheeler
Brookline, NH
Celena Nicholson
Lawrenceville , GA
Donald Sees
Swedesboro, NJ
Mandy Sliver
Peterborough, NH
Walter Rutter
Hillsboro, NH
Kristen Kaiser
Somersworth, NH
Juliet Webber
East Kingston, NH
paul pakenham
belmont, NH
Ronald Tirino
Queens, NY
Meg Coa
Arkansas, AR
Sundari Gurung
Hooksett , NH
tasnime sellami
Cary, NC
Helen Kay Galloway
Atkinson, NH
Kayla Eaton
Durham, NH
Noelle Marie Cappella
Derry, NH
Shelley Carita
Meredith, NH
alexandra Moffat
Orford, NH
Joan Hamblet
Portsmouth, NH
Jonnetta Robinson
Lancaster, TX
Gregory Allen
Flint, MI
Jim Schachter
Concord, NH
Richard Stevenson
Atkinson, NH
izuchukwu Anuniru
Nashville, TN
Thank you to our sponsors and donors