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Our members come from across the state—and beyond— as well as from all sides of the political spectrum. They have different opinions on the issues but agree on their support for our mission of making citizen engagement easier. The names below are a selection of the thousands who have joined us.

Membership is free and helps support our work to inspire NH citizens to make a difference. Join today.

Jonnetta Robinson
Lancaster, TX
Gregory Allen
Flint, MI
Jim Schachter
Concord, NH
Richard Stevenson
Atkinson, NH
izuchukwu Anuniru
Nashville, TN
Hunter Taylor
Alton Bay, NH
Bob Teachout
kirkville, NY
Steven Borne
Rye, NH
Andrew Maneval
Harrisville, NH
Michelle Wheeler
Rye, NH
Marilyn Huston
Keene, NH
Eric Brungot
No.Stratford, NH
Leo Tabayoyong
Benjamin Barrowes
Lyme, NH
Steve Haynes
Gilford , NH
Earl Hanson
Moran Kansas, KS
Jenna Hardy
Merrimack, NH
Gregory Dudley
Abilene, TX
Janet White
Hooksett, NH
Joseph Carr
Hollis, NH
Emma Logan
downey, CA
Mary Esther Treat
Burlington, VT
Jennifer Steer
Durham, NH
Dove Raina
Keene, NH
Robert Bowden
Grantham, NH
Diana West
Danville, NH
Bridgette Sullivan
Swanzey, NH
Laurie Warnock
Hampstead , NH
Matt Simon
Manchester, NH
Denise Terravechia
Alton Bay, NH
Florian Kozinczak
Stratham , NH
Paul Montrone
New York, NY
Marion Adams
Exeter, NH
Leslie MacGregor
Grantham, NH
Andre StLouis
New London, NH
Carolyn Martinez Johnson
San Antonio, TX
John C Stanton
Bedford, NH
Jeffrey Black
Gainesville, GA
Teagan Hudzik
Hollis, NH
Lisa DeMio
Hampstead, NH
Antonio Arruda
Concord, NH
Elsa Voelcker
Kingston, NH
Yvonne daboul
hamptob, NH
Kendall Hughes
Kendall Hughes
Lawrence Thompson
Manchester, NH
Jennifer Harris
Manchester, NH
Drew Collins
Epping, NH
Glenn Saba
Vivian Brannen
Savannah, GA
Stacey Ranfos
Hooksett, NH
Thank you to our sponsors and donors