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Our members come from across the state—and beyond— as well as from all sides of the political spectrum. They have different opinions on the issues but agree on their support for our mission of making citizen engagement easier. The names below are a selection of the thousands who have joined us.

Membership is free and helps support our work to inspire NH citizens to make a difference. Join today.

Armand Dufresne
Allenstown, NH
Michael Fuerst
Cornish Flat, NH
william symonds
bethlehem, NH
Cathy Roberts
Bennington , NH
Kim Bergeron
Manchester , NH
Jennifer Dreyer
Joshua Galvin
Claremont, NH
Roger Aubin
Bedford, NH
Jim Plaisted
Rochester, NH
Charlene Szarek
Shelby Boyce
Bristol, NH
Linda Brown7
Greenland, NH
Betsy Vaughn
Canterbury, NH
Patricia Bass
Concord, NH
Russan Chester
Bedford, NH
Stephanie Spaulding
newbury, NH
Sean Dunphy
Deerfield, NH
Thomas Lane
East Kingston, NH
Megan Thompson
New York, NY
David Green
Hooksett, NH
Concord, NH
lorraine sutphin
Plainfield, NH
Berube Janet
Rochester, NH
James Smolnik
Fitzwilliam , NH
John Glover
Penacook, NH
Pam Comeau
Milford, NH
Ernest Lefebvre Sr
Nashua , NH
Whitton Jan
Pelham, NH
gary escher
Atkinson, NH
Thomas Fraser
Londonderry, NH
Catherine Roberts
Salem , NH
Mark McLaughlin
North Hampton, NH
Trevor Hayes
Epping, NH
Sarah Downing
Keene, NH
Louis Botta
New London, NH
Deanna Strand
Dover, NH
Ron Cole
Belmont, NH
Susan Mercier
Lee, NH
Cheryl Smalley
Littleton, NH
Steven Dionne
Laconia, NH
Leonard Simons
Palisade, CO
Imran Alam
new york, NY
Stan Duncan
Newton , NH
Shayna Weitz
Delray Beach, FL
Tom Foden
Concord , NH
Marcia Caringal
Manchester, NH
Serena Gerome
Greenland, NH
Patricia Booth
Belmont , NH
Joseph Brooks
Farmington, NH
Susan Marquis
Patricia Muchmore
New London, NH
Thank you to our sponsors and donors